I am 33 weeks pregnant, nd my baby weight is 2103 gms +/- 200 gms. But my report says baby is 32 weeks 6 days +/- 3 weeks 0 days. And i have reduced liquid volume. Also my placenta is in anterior wall and baby is in cephalic position.

Is there any risk??

Dr. Priyanka Patel

Dr is not mention the level of amniotic fluid and they should have mentioned it in the report so that it is easily understandable whether the liquid is very less or it is at the border line reduced amniotic fluid will require IV drip and injections to boost the liquid in body and Placenta I will advise you to talk to your gynecologist about the reduced liquid as it can cause cord prolapse if it is very low and not treated on time and can cause early delivery about the 32 weeks and 6 days it is normal in ultrasound because these machines work according to the fetal parameters and they can sometimes show the growth 2 weeks ahead of your lmp date as well depending upon the baby's growth so do not worry

I am given rigin plus and alivher medicine...

No he didnot mention the liquid level...

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