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Good morning everyone. So many of you might not know me as i m not that active on the app nowadaz because of my toddler throwing away my phone whener i pick it up.

But babychakra was my one stop solution/ platform, my entire day’s partner during those 9 months of pregnancy. I was literally living on the app.

Staying alone in Mumbai, and was my first pregnancy. I had too many questions, doubts, paranoid situations which were all solved here only. Since that time, babychakra has been part of me and Amaira’s life.

Mostly everyone start with their childhood stories and all. But honestly i dont have those mirchi masala stories.

Born and brought up in Delhi, was first child in the family. My mom could not spend time with me because she was busy with her daughter in law duties in an orthodox family, cooking running around n taking care of everyone. She got married early but cudnt enjoy her marriage. I was born in d same year of dr marriage, and i think she wasnt ready. But as i m told now, my Bua( father’s sister) took care of me, loved me to infinity while my mom was busy. Even today when i ask her while taking care of Amaira, that how u used to do it or wat u used to give me, she just replied “ i dont remember, we dibt hv time only to sit and think bout these stuff like u guys do”. Running from one room to other cleaning, cooking and what not. Even though she was busy but i alwaz knew how much she loved me and wanted to spend time with me and enjoy my childhood.

P.s i have alwaz been papa’s girl. And still am. What about you guys?? Who are you more close to?? And what about your little ones?

Endless sacrifices and adjustments of our mother made us who we are today. Am i right?? So first post dedicated to all the moms here on this app and to dr mothers too.

Priya Sood Priya Sood

Swati upadhyay

Hello malvika, so good to see you!!!! More power to you dear!!! Dr. Farah Adam Madhavi Cholera Amardeep Mann Ritu Singhal Priya Sood Sathya Kalaiselven pattu AMRITA MALLIK Nilofer shaikh Saumya Pillai Muskan Jain Karishma Agrawal Sania Bhushan Shristhy thapa(sunam) Nimmi rathore jessy oberoi Rashmi Choudhury Kirti Wadera Smitha Prabhav Shruti Kakkar Mahima Krishna A vasu Dolly abhinav Singh Kruti Nirmal Vipra Naik Garima Singla sreekanna Manisha M Sonal Chaddha Susmita chetri Neha Sharma Manikyam Cherthedath Aishwarya Shukla Aishwarya Shukla Renuka pillai haritima upadhyay Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas ) Riddhima Tilokani Mili Choudhary Tarotforu Shambhavi Prachi priya dharshini Gopeka Sowbarnik narrayani raman pattu rampriya Suga Priya V Smitha Prabhav Sonal Chaddha Toshi Saxena Prachi Gaikwad Renuka pilla Prachi Goldi Dogra Smitha Prabhav Vrushali Bhabad jaseena Ghouse basha Prachi Gaikwad Abhilasha Jaiswal Nil S vasu Sweta ( Life of mom Divya (kavyaislife Kuljeet kaur Amreen Richa Thakkar jaseena Ghouse basha Sulbha Bathwal Neeta Shetty Nandani Nandini Khushboo Chouhan durga salvi Bhavna Anadkat Sonam patel Ritu Singhal Isha Pal Akshaya Naresh Prachi Sonal Chaddha Heena Thakwani Kuljeet kaur Isha Sharma(Ishprabha) Kritika Lall

Happy take over

I'm on vacation and just had to get connection just to say
....hurray for your take over

Wohhoo! What a lovely start!! More power to moms like that for the unconditional love they give us!

Hello dear!!!! Welcome back on the app... So good to see your here..First of all please keep coming and keep sharing your tips and tricks with us all..I m sure many moms would love to read it. Secondly what a great start of the take care. Would like to know more about you. I have been always a mamas girl.

I agree..Noone can take a mother's Mil also has a similar story so my husband's Bua takes all the credit of feeding him in childhood..but I only know how my Mil feels..
My mother has been suffering from Migraine from past 24 years.. she did what she could for me & bro.. I love both my parents equally but
I am Papa's girl as I have spent more time with him..he has been my best friend, my guide and my's his surgery today..m very worried...

Sirisha Bhalla ... lovely start....and yes I'm a dad's girl was a working woman back then I was pampered by my grandpa...

Lovely start! Welcome back and keep coming back... Mothers are super woman... Managing everything without a single complaint.

When i ask my mother how did you raise us, she always says i don't remember. We didn't have time like you guys to think and do everything. We had cooking, washing, cleaning everything to be done by self, As she was alone here and raised all kids alone. During my delivery, we took a lot of help amd suggestions from friends and family because my mom had forgotten everything.(she has had a difficult life) but what i appreciate is even at this age, she was so active around me all the time and if she couldn't do a certain thing she would call up a relative and ask for how and whats. I love her so much. Also a special mention about my sister, she is younger to me by 7 yrs and we have hardly had good memories together because both of us were strong headed and would fight most od the time but since i entered my last month of preg i just saw a complete change in her, she just flipped and became a diff human, she came and stayed with me and ever since then and more so on and after my delivery she has been steadfast in raising my lo. I was in ppd for almost 3 months, initial 15 days were hell and she took care of my baby like her own. I barely have any memory of the initial few days of my baby because i was busy being in pain and crying over no breastmilk.
My god. I have alrdy gone back to so many sweet/sour memories. Oh how i love my ladies.😍😍😍😍😘😘

Nilofer Shaikh sisters are blessing. Will be doing a post dedicated to sisters soon. As i and my sister share a very different bond.

Thank you guys 😊😊😊

Lovely start! Glad to hear more from you🤗

Sirisha Bhalla waiting waiting.😃

Yes so true..ur moms words are absolutely correct..they had no time to think abt these issues!!

Ha ha ha you know better my mom was there during my entire pregnancy and stayed on and off till Atarah completed 1.4 months. Pregnant was simply not possible without her.

Nice start for a lovely takeover

Lovely start of take over dear.

Awesome start yaar!! So true.. Our moms have worked endlessly, inside and outside our house.

hello dad's daughter...

Lovely start sirisha...😊

Glad to know about u,me closed to my mom,as she is the only support n pillar of our family after my dad.My son is very naughty,he is always busy in doing naughty things n he knows that mom is at home n roaming here n there ,when he saw that mom is not visible from few minutes then he began to cry mom mom,otherwise he doesnot care n busy in himself

Nice post Sirisha Bhalla .

Sirisha Bhalla such a sweet dedication!
My mother had the same response when I asked her how she brought up the three of us (not much age gap between us three siblings). She raised us all alone in a new city with no relatives or friends around. I wonder how she did it all!
I believe it's her will power which saw her through and I love her dearly.

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