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U guys must be thinking why i write so long posts. I am really sorry, m a very bad writer. So bear with me just for today 😜😜

I always wanted to be a doctor, worked really hard in school days as well as for entrance exams. But could not clear any.

Everyone kept forcing me to drop a year and try again, but i knew if i l sit at home dn it will be really difficult for me to study and clear.

I took admission in biotechnology , just because i loved and still love Biology.

4 yrs of btech was fun filled and roaming around in big campus of Amity University.

I was focussing on MBBS entrances so much dt i forgot to give exams for engineering colleges so had no other college option for biotechnology course.

I fell in love with Biology more and more in those 4 years.

Completed my degree, got placed in bangalore. Was enjoying my free life away from home, when my parents decided to get me married.

I was also just like my mom, married really early. I was just 23.

I had full plans of doing Mtech, n dn phd which were all stopped jst to get me married.

It was an arranged marriage. We met for first time on 5.4.2014 just for once, and everything got finalized and we got married on 1st may 2014. Of hardly knowing each other for 20 days. I was still working in bangalore and couldn’t leave my project midway. So i reached for my own wedding just 2 days in advance.

My entire wedding dresses etc, everything my parents confirmed with me on whatssap and ordered on their own. I had no say in it just like i had no say when i met my husband for d first time.

So we got married, moved to mumbai and then new phase of life started.

Ohh i forgot to mention, my inlaws never met or saw me before our engagement day. My husband had come to meet me with his sister and finalized everything there n then. I did not know anything about my inlaws and they dint know anything about me.

They said yes because we had a common family member fixing our marriage and they trusted him alot. Me and my MIL still laugh alot thinking of this. Although we stay in different cities, but for last 5 years we always talked once a day for sure. She gossips n complains about her husband and i do about his son 😜😜😜

We girls have to prove ourselves in every thing specially after marriage. And for me i had to prove myself to my husband and his family that although i am just 23, but I am not immature or childish.

Stay tuned yo know How and what happened after marriage? How i completed my MTECH after marriage, got my dream job and dn leave everything for the true love of my life- AMAIRA.

Do share your equation with your inlaws. Attaching many of my wedding pics in comments, because i just love these pucs 😜😜

When we met fir first time.

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I love ds pic ❤️❤️❤️#self obsessed

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And this is us today. Almost 5 years down ❤️❤️❤️

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Priya Sood Swati upadhyay

Look at you 😍 looking gorgeous yaar. I love this banarasee saree , will discuss on this. Planning to buy one like this.

Aww..u look stunnin in ur marg n evn aftr 5 i hv alwaz said ur smile is vry beautiful ...😍😍

Khushboo Chouhan

Wow!!! Its so beautiful!!!

Priti Singh hello dear!!!! How are you???

Beautiful sirisha bhalla

Khushboo Chouhan good...quite busy wid office n kid..miss bbc so much ... how abt u...??

Priti Singh we miss you glad to see you!

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Wow Pictures!

So beautiful you look!! 😍I'm truly enjoying reading your posts!!

Red suits u alot.

Sirisha Bhalla made for each other sciences is my interest too.....super beautiful bride u are

Wow!! Lovely pics👌👌

Your banarasee saree has me killed.. beautiful pictures.

Beautiful pics sirisha looking gorgeous

Thank you so much guys. 😊😊

You are ..made for eachother couple 👌👌👌nice Jodi dear

You look so pretty!

After 5 years ur just beautiful Nd like ur smile 😊

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