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A well chalked out diet plan always helps us stay fit and healthy. Here, I'm sharing my food experiences that I've sorted;out, analysed and worked a plan that not only suited me to stay healthy and fit but also met all the needs of a healthy diet. I usually share this with anyone who talks to me about weight gain and weight loss.;

Always understand your body's needs before you jump into conclusions on a particular diet plan. Everyone is different, so are the needs of the body in terms of food too. I'm a non vegetarian and we eat meat at least twice a week. For a vegetarian, you might want to supplement it with a protein rich food. If your really concerned about weight gain avoid egg yolks and have the white for a while. All my foods are homemade, including sprouts. I don't buy my sprouts usually I make them at home.

Diet Chart.( I'm mentioning timing according to the way I follow, you could schedule as per your needs n call).

5:45am - 1 glass water infused with lime. If you like to take warm water with lemon and home should good too..I usually soak a piece of lime in an infuser bottle with water and drink that.;

6am to 6:40am - I have started to spend this time for a walk and work out (inspired by mom 🌟 Nancy Singh's suggestions on weight loss).

6:40am - 1 glass of water;

7:15 am - one cup milk and about 3 almonds

I usually have my breakfast between 9am and 10am. A hearty breakfast is always recommend.

11:30am - a fruit or half glass juice sugarless or tender coconut water.

1:30pm - lunch includes a bowl of sabzi, either a bowl of vegetable or sprouts salad or 1 phulka n a small bowl of rice.;

3pm - 1 glass chaas. I don't add salt or sugar .it's just watery...

5pm - 1 cup tea.

Usually my son n I we go for a walk and play time in the society's play area. For an hour it sort of works for me like a work out.

6:30pm a fruit or soup (homemade)

8:30/9pm dinner includes sabzi n 2phulka/ 1 phulka+1 bowl salad (Vegetables or sprouts)/ 1glass ragi malt+ 3slices of muskmelon.

I do binge on junk food, but I have started to ensure on limiting the junk food in terms of quantity (again a tip from Nancy's tips). All through the day I consume nearly 3 liters of water. Exclusive of the chaas n juice that I've mentioned. Don't starve yourselves. It's important to go slow and steady. Hope this helps in building your diet chart yourselves.;

Include every kind off food- greens, carrots, cereals, spices, nuts, fruits, specially seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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Mind-blowing post

Excellent share! Noted your diet plans and will try to make it

Wow!!!!! Bookmarking right away!!

Thank you mom's Saumya Pillai , Khushboo Chouhan Sathya Kalaiselven

Nilofer Shaikh see u asked for it n it's here!!! We love u Mahima Krishna A this is really helpful!

thank you Swati upadhyay ...I love you all too 🥰🥰🥰

Looks cool as well. Will try for sure.

Thnq Rebecca Prakash 😊

Hi pls help me

Kiya aap muje bta skte h 6 month ke baby ko kiya khilo mere baby ke teeth nikal ne start ho rahe h pani jase poti krti h Wight bhi 5.8 h

Kase weight badao uska pani pilana suru kr skti hu kiya

Aruna shared the info on personal chat

Mahima Krishna A I liked the post because it's personal experience shared.
I do have a question though and it seems a bit odd but I would like to ask. Do we drink water before or after meals? I keep getting contradictory statements. Also 3 litres is hard for me to gulp down. How do I manage that?
I do have a lot of buttermilk.

Smitha Prabhav... usually you should consume water half an hour before a meal and again at least 15-30 mins after a meal and not in between a meal ...and always you drink one glass off water before a meal simply because it will cut down your appetite.
3 litres water is not at all a big thing...if you can time your meals well and always keep a water bottle with you anywhere in the house carry it along and keep sipping and fill it up will make a big difference....may be start slow a day v should ideally consume 5 litres but since I have chaas n all its about 3-3.5 litres ....

Mahima Krishna A thank you! I'll definitely give 3 liters a shot..

Smitha Prabhav ...surely do....u will feel super different abt ur health too

Kanchan negi thank you

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