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Sorry guys for making you wait so much. My hyperactive and naughty toddler woke up and running behind her took all the time.

After getting married, tried to find job in mumbai but cudnt because of many reasons. I always wanted to do mtech and got a chance in an esteemed college in Mumbai. Convincing my husband was not a difficult task because he always support education but making my super orthodox inlaws understand why i want to study and all was a big task. They used to stay, forget about studies, think about starting a family and all. And i was jst 24 that time and not ready to have a kid at all.

In this case my husband stood by me and convinced them and i joined my college. Little did i know that this is the place where i will find 2 of my bestest friends and Amaira’s loving massis for life.

Completed my post grad with silver medal and 3 scholarships, but biggest achievement was seeing more trust and understanding in my inlaws eyes. They always thought i wont be able to do it. But i proved them wrong. And m sure they were happy.

Jst as i was about to complete my post grad, i got my dream job in IIT mumbai as a research associate, but i could not take it as i got to know that I am pregnant.

Dealing with germs, microorganisms, chemicals with baby in my tummy dint seem right and safe to me. So left it.

My final exams were due when i was 3 months pregnant, and in middle of nausea, lethargy and all.

Its done and dusted now. I think those 2 years of post grad made understanding and respect between me and my husband grow more and even my connection with my inlaws became stronger.

In December 2017, we welcomed our angel AMAIRA BHALLA in our lives. I always knew throughout my pregnancy that i am carrying a girl. It was a very smooth and easy pregnancy but my delivery day was a nightmare.

Stay tuned to know about it more.

Meanwhile do share your stories if you completed or gave your education a second inning after marriage??

And how your family supported you in that decision and the process.

In the pic- Amaira was 2 months old during my convocation ceremony for Mtech.

Priya Sood Swati upadhyay Khushboo Chouhan Rebecca Prakash

During college fest

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My second innings.

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Lovely post👌👌,me done all my studies before marriage

Wow sirisha!!!! This is amazing!!

What a 2nd innings Sirisha, You are a great example.

Super post👍

Awesome!! Truly an inspiration.

Sirisha... amazing dear....silver medal and scholarships wwow....... congratulations dear....super inspiring

Wow this is truly amazing

Silver medal...congos Sirisha.. proud of u !!

Wow congratulations

Wow silver medalist . Congratulations dear.

Such a lovely pic

I love this pic of yours more.
I also left my job due to the field I worked in.. Lot of chemicals and stuff. Planning on a second innings but taking my own sweet time

Thats an inspiring story.... i am going to give my career a second inning this yr.... trying hard in that direction.

Woowy post.... ur just amazing 👏🏻

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