Inch by inch they grow so fast. Every day they learn something new.

Share what your baby just learnt to do!


Sania Bhushan Nilofer shaikh jessy oberoi Mili kumari Garima Singla sreekanna priya singh Smitha Prabhav PRAJAKTA DABADE Life of a mommy by Divya Mehak Sanan Himani Tiwari Preeti Singh Ila Radadiya pattu jaseena Ghouse basha Aishwarya Shukla ambika renu (Renuka Parulkar) Umm ash Anju Soni Anjali Chaturvedi Khushbu Purohit Gurpreet kaur sowjanya pusapati Gurjeet K Richa Thakkar JYOTI Kalra Pooja Kortalwar ANJUM KUMNALI Vaishali Naik Ginny Bhardwaj

He now show love to his age mates n younger than him😘😘

Rolling frm stomach to back

my baby starting to eat.

My baby sit without support

My baby walk without support

He started picking up food at his own from plates

My baby has just learnt to show anger n she gets angry with her dad n hugs her n wen she gets angry she doesn't do eye contact also.

He's learned he can manipulate me😌 Not a milestone though.
He's learning to sit up on his own from lying down position... So good bye to my sleep (of whatever was left)😭

She just started responding to " where is fan"???

My son started to roll from back to tummy from both sides.

He just started to do actions like if I'm asking where is your eyes he blinks eyes n if I ask about nose ..he touches my nose. So amazing 😂😂

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