Hey guys ...i hope u ol r dng gud n luv to lil munchkins..

As its to hot every where ( hell in delhi) its tym to cure ur skin from sun tan, acne, pigmentation n what nt.

So here i m vth another tried n tested ( u cn trust me as i m trustwrthy for sure) home remedy for ol of uh specially for oily ,combination n sesitive skin ( i hv combination n sensitive skin)

Take a bowl add 1 spoon of besan ,2 spoon curd , lil bit honey , pinch of haldi , n 5 6 drops of lemon juice mix it n apply for 10 min...

Thn vth wet finger rub ur face gently for 2 3 min...n wash it off

I mostly do this at nyt so tht i cn sleep after it ..n i dnt need to stand in kitchn or go out in dust...

Trust me guys 1 mark of a pimple become 2 tone lighter in just one nyt n m amazed...

Let me knw if u try it n benefited...

Khushboo Chouhan its done dear

I m a die hard makeup fan i luv to try new creams, facepacks, scrubs , toner bt ye to sbka baap h baap

SP Deoria Sp deoria Shahbaz Shaikh Deepa Singh sweety Sunita Chauhan Sonam patel Durga salvi Pooja manju mishra Hurmat ali Arti Varsha Rao Isha Pal Priya Dubey Shristhy thapa(sunam)

This is just amazing dear!! Thanks for sharing

This is really helpful dear😇

I'll try This.. thanks for sharing dear..

👌👌n bookmarked

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