What are we Eating????

This incident that happen yesterday kind off left me shocked and thoughtful. I was cooking lunch for my husband's lunchbox, and intended to make some vegetable pulav with Omelette curry. My gravy base was ready for the curry, I just had to make the Omelette and finish the curry. But, that's not what happen, I cracked the eggs into a bowl and what I saw left me aghast!!!

They were silicone or plastic eggs that are now flooding the market. I've heard about plastic eggs, cabbage, silicone filled prawns , apart painted lychees and fish gills. Always thought certain brands and atleast renowned brands won't take a chance. Didn't want to mention the source of the eggs, so....

Please ponder on this, give it a thought and consider the fact "what are we eating??? what are we feeding our children and what can we do about it ???"

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Oh that's bad. So far I haven't come across this.

Rebecca Prakash please be cautious.....

This is really a big issue which will be growing further.
We need to be really careful of what we choose to eat and from where. Thankyou so much:) quite helpful

Yes dear.Swati upadhyay ...very cautious about it...but I wish we could really do something about it... somewhere every problem has a solution and every disease a medicine 🤔🤔🤔🤔

This is exactly big thing. Very helpful

Thank you Kanchan negi

My husband's work takes him to different places and the things he's seen with food has shocked us to no end.
For example like yesterday we came to know that the coconuts that are offered to the deities are thrown away but collected by a certain group of people and they grate out the coconut. We are told that it is used to extract oil but in reality it is used to make the chutney that we so relish in hotels.

Smitha Prabhav ....yes I'm aware of this chutney thing too...but I heard that hotels have a tie up with surrounding temples and they pick em up for the purpose

Yeah heard about it. I choose country eggs but can't trust what kind of feed hens eat, is the hens injected, plastic eggs... So many questions arises🙄
Best solution is want to buy farm fresh local eggs from a trusted vendor

Sathya Kalaiselven a recent article that I read says that Pasture raised are the right ones to buy just to be really sure you are actually getting something you intend to eat or buy....

Thanks for sharing,have to be careful in future.I have also heard the mineral water bottles that sell by the vendor are filled by the local water running from taps n bottles are collected by people that we disposed off.

Sania Bhushan n's actually sad, but thats exactly what we are feeding ourselves on ...

Very interesting

Hehe.... strangely yes Mili kumari

Gosh . Need to be so careful

Priya Sood ... yup it is so....🙄🙄

And yes.. Organic is definitely not organic..

I agree Smitha Prabhav

So crazy. Is there some customer care, complaint box number? What and when do we believe ya these days

Yes Dr. Payal M ... there's everything for this particular case...a customer care too...but what's the point in complaining... probably they would just deny and say they will refund the 70 or 80 rupees I paid ...and the fun part is it say organic eggs.....

If its a big company I'm sure they would look Into the complaint no?

Not sure Dr. Payal M ....but I feel they would try to supress rather support and look into it

I would really appreciate if you could mention how the egg looked or felt. I mean do you straight away came to know about it? I am worried as our meals include eggs very alternatively.

Nilofer Shaikh ..when I boiled the egg all the yolk was on one side and the white on one was like the yolk was just covered with a thin layer of white and smelt really strange not like a boiled egg. When I cracked them to make an omelette, the yolk had two regions like one side was lighter and one side absolutely transparent region and the eggs had no smell at all...when I tried to whisk the yolk it wouldn't get whisked easily.

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