Just as we can't eat or drink anything when we are having an urge to pee or poop, babies too become cranky before pee and poop. A baby in a wet diaper will always be restless cranky and not feed calmly. So, Check the diaper and change the diaper before each feed. If change of clothes is required, do it before the feed. As disturbing the baby after the feed will cause spit ups. Use pasting style diapers is more convinient than diaper pants. In pasting style diaper you can open and spread the diaper. Then place the baby's bum on it and just cover it up with the sides. As the refluxing reduces with age you can later on switch over to pant style diapers. Even cloth nappies and advanced cloth diapers can be used in the same way without disturbing the baby's tummy .You can also just roll over the baby's bum on to sides while changing the diaper.

Yes ,It is very essential to apply a diaper rash cream each time you change the diaper.; First apply it on the front side then pick the baby up on to the shoulders swiftly and slowly and apply the cream on the back side. You may stand infront of the mirror if you want for a better view for all around application. Then place the baby on a well spread diaper and close it up. Voila, you are done without a spit up! Skip the cream application if you have forgotten to do it before the feed or if the baby is too hungry and has been crying all the while you have been preparing the formula. In such a case, change the diaper after the feed extremely carefully but only after the burping session is over, that too with minimal movements. Still spit ups ll occur while changing or may be soon after changing the diaper, so be prepared for it, with a wash cloth at hand near by. #refluxingbaby

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