Lesson 8 - HICCUPS #refluxingbaby

Refluxing babies have a lot of hiccups. Usually after 2 to 3 spit ups the baby starts to have hiccups. It isn't painful though it can irritate the baby and affect sleep. But the good part is that there won't be any more spit up after this feed once the baby gets hiccups. Hiccups mark the end of spit up episodes untill the next feed.Burping the baby will arrest the hiccup usually.; But if it takes more than 5 minutes you can breastfeed the baby or give 1 tsp water. I gave 2ml gripe water initially and later 3 ml

which also helped a lot.


Once the baby learns to roll over, spit ups can happen even after hiccups are arrested. So prevent the baby to roll over for at least an hour after the burping session. I used to put the baby in a rocker and lock the buckles with the vibration mode on for 15 minutes. The baby used to fall asleep and then i usually switched off the vibration and let the baby nap in it like that for some more time before taking to bed. #refluxingbaby

Very well written..

Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Swati upadhyay Nilofer Shaikh Vrushalee SB

Very well written

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