#makemotherhoodcountMy labour pain started unexpectedly on diwali night ten days before my due date After 8 hours of labour i gave birth to tisya.My baby was delivered normally but she suffered from foetal distress bcz she is a large baby weighing 11 pounds n I had difficulty in pushing her out during last stage of labour.Wait!now my real problems started from here.She was admitted for 2 days in nicu n then we bring her home.I was completely blank about breastfeeding n tht tym i didn't even know how to hold a baby.No one was there to support me bcz of 5 days festivities of diwali except my mil who told me bluntly after 5 hrs of my delivery that u had a normal delivery n u dnt require any rest u r lucky that i m managing the house n u only hv to handle the baby.My baby was neither latching nor taking formula feed by spoon n cup all the time she was crying.My 2 days was wasted juggling b/w breastfeeding n formula though she is refusing both.After 2 days she was attacked by jaundice n her weight was reduced drastically in absence of feeding.Now me n my hubby was visiting

hospitals taking appointments.Till 15 days after my delivery I had not got sleep of even 1 hr.With severe back pain pelvic pain n heavy bleeding i was roaming hospital medical shops taking baby in my hands.Everyone is giving me advices only n the support will not come from people from I am expecting the most.Finally I had decided to take a call that she is my baby n i'll take care of her at any cost.After 3 days of her birth I had to decide b/w formula n breastfeeding n I chose the later one inspired with babychakra moms.Reading articles,posting queries,watching you tube videos n taking help from nurses n 24 hours of constant struggle finally my baby latched on.Then it'll take a wk to establish proper demand n supply n then till date there will be no looking back.I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby n she is a happy n healthy one now.Now I am inclined towards pumping as i hv to join work frm next month.

Thanks for sharing your story...
And your tisya so cute... God bless her.

ThanksIsha Pal

Awesome share!


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