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We live in such an unsafe environmental conditions and slowly surfacing are facts about the food we eat to the air we breathe to the cookware we use. Then there are these bygone days, when people waited to get out of their houses and breathe the fresh air and eat food which is healthy and fresh and unadulterated.;

Now are the days we have resorted to using air purifiers for fresh air and are on a constant quest for fresh and organic food rather say unadulterated food. I've attached a link for your;reference to understand the hazards of different cookware that most of us have considered comfortable and safe. This post is purely about clay pot cooking, we all have enjoyed the water from clay pots, now let's understand the oldest known cooking technique clay pot cooking, still followed by some even today. Safe, natural and healthy, definitely time to binge and relish the dishes cooked.;


How to purchase the right clay cookware.

1. From a local vendor. These are usually available on a road side and are unseasoned. They will need to be cured or seasoned before you start cooking in them.

2. Online from sites like Amazon. Some vendors sell seasoned ones. I had purchased from Amazon from a seller named Craftsman India. The cooking pots were pre seasoned and all I had to do was soak the pots in water before I started using them. When I say soak, I mean I filled up a bucket and left the pot in water for 6-7 hrs.

What to look for.;

Good quality earthen wear is usually heavy and smells of burnt clay and not chemical. You get them either in mud brown or black. The black ones are deep burnt and hence the black colour and are considered more durable.;

Seasoning Process.;

If your purchasing from a local vendor or an unseasoned pot, you will need to follow the process of seasoning or getting it ready for use.;

1. Soak the new pot in water for atleast 6 hours, this helps the clay cure.;

2. Leave it to dry completely under sun's heat.

3. After it dries up completely, apply a good cooking oil unlike mustard or sesame as they have a strong smell on the inside of the pot...after applying the oil cover the inside of the pot with a foil , as if you are layering it n keep it in a dark place for a day or two...

4. Remove the pot and remove the foil, again apply another coat of oil and leave it in sun's your once you see that the traces of oil seems to have disappeared, your pot is ready to use.

So everytime you want to use a pot for cooking, just wet it with water or give it a water wash. You can use it directly on flame, but either medium or low flame only. Only a wooden spatula should be used. Once cooking is done transfer the contents to a casserole or steel container. Pour water and leave the pot for a while, use a mild dish soap and soft scrub to clean the inside of the pot. Let it dry completely before you put back in your shelf.;

Also sharing a screenshot of the pots that I personally purchased from Amazon. I bought three so I can separate the ones that I want to use for vegetarian and non vegetarian cooking. Hope the post helps...please feel free to post any queries in the comments below. Would love to help.

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Wow amazing. Will buy

Jarur lungi me bhi...

Sehat ke liye bhi acha rehta hain

Nice one dear

Thnq mom's...plz do try and get one to see how it works and how wonderful it is cooking in a clay pot

Wonderful mahi👍

Thnq Sathya Kalaiselven

Main bhin jarur lungi

Helpful post. We had used pots purchased from local vendors. We just soaked it in water and used it for cooking. But oil started leaking from that pot.your post is very much informative. Thanks.

Thnq Mili kumari and Manisha Gaikwad

Mahima Krishna A this is a complete post.
We too have separate clay pots.
We bought it from a vendor and the traditional method was to fry cashew in the pot till it burns and leaves out oil. This oil acts as a coating for the pot.
The method you've suggested is easier for us to do.
Thank you

We too dip in water for hours n then use,oil concept is new one.Thanks for sharing,really informative

Thank you Sania Bhushan and Smitha Prabhav ...ohh I didn't know this kaju technique though

Cannot thank you enough. I have been so looking where to buy earthern pots as i badly wanted to shift from aluminium slowly to earthen n steel. Please help me more n provide the exact link of the pots you brought.

Nilofer Shaikh I'll share the link on chat...thank you too 💓🤗

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