I learnt the process of swaddling hands-on from the nurses at NICU. For the first couple of weeks to one month I loved to swaddle him because the pediatrician advised so, as baby wouldn't gain weight if the baby is not warm. He used to sleep comfortably in it. When Govind grew up a little and started kicking his legs and i was struggling with managing the refluxes, I observed that he very easily opened the swaddles. Then I skipped the step 4 (refer image) and did a tight half swaddle. This helped to recirculate the air inside the wrap which helped to keep him warm but the temperature of the tummy wasn't raised.

The wrap was more tighter also this way, such that his hand movement was adequately restricted as well as it supported the chest and tummy thus prventing his strong arches and wriggling. I would then easily be able to hold him tightly to my bossom for burping. This helped to reduce the refluxes a lot as well as his clothes were saved from soiling too. Once he felt asleep, I would just change the swaddle if it was soiled totally or else just swipe it of and keep the wet part away from his skin without disturbing him.

I could half swaddle him upto 6 months only because his kicks and boxes have become stronger than the tightness of the wrap. As the refluxes have reduced a lot now, I babywear to calm him down.

Thanks for sharing dear...
It's very helpful

I love swaddling.. Felt like my very own bundle

Khushboo Chouhan Vrushalee SB Nilofer Shaikh Swati upadhyay Priya Dubey Ekta Jain

I swaddled batul until 5months

Till when do you plan to swaddle AMRITA MALLIK ?

Naiyya Saggi swaddling has stopped already as he won't let me do it. His licks and boxes have bevome strong enough to give pain and a proper push or pull. So no amount of tightness can hold him anymore. And above all its summers.

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