**What is it**: It is a unique campaign for all the moms, bloggers and experts. If you love writing and if your writing can attract our moms, do participate in our third edition of Mom-a-thon.

**What to do**: You can post multiple posts during the next 7 days. Posts can be on anything, it can be your personal experience, your tips on breastfeeding, your delivery story, pregnancy food, formula milk, toddler early learning, beauty, home hacks, health tips, any fun posts or even what did u do today etc. If your writing gets you more comments you will win. So, top 3 moms with max posts and maximum comments will win this Mom-a-thon-3.

Steps to follow:

1) Click on the (+) sign and start sharing.

2) Make a separate post every time

3) Post your entries on BabyChakra with hastag #Mom-a-thon3

What will u get:

First prize:

1) 3 articles to be published on BabyChakra over a span of 3 months

2) BabyChakra gift vouchers worth Rs 3000

Second Prize:

1) 2 articles to be published on BabyChakra over a span of 6 months

2) BabyChakra gift vouchers worth Rs 2000

Third Prize:

1) 1 articles to be published on Babychakra over a span of 6 months

2) BabyChakra gift vouchers worth Rs 1000

Special Catagory:

Newbie category: This is especially for those moms who are participating in the mom-a-thon for the first time. Top 5 winners under the newbie category will get vouchers worth 200Rs each. For moms under this category do use #newbie #momathon3

When to start?

From Now until wednesday night. Get your pens in place mommas. We want to hear from you!

Terms and conditions:

1) No links to be posted

2) Content should be original and not copy pasted from the internet

3) Posts to also be selected basis originality and quality

4) Final decision of winners is reserved by BabyChakra

5) If you have something already written, go ahead and post it here

6) Content should be exclusive to BabyChakra & cannot be published anywhere else.

7) Content shared on BBC, will be BBC's property and can be used by BBC for curation, featuring, publishing (due credits will be given)

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Bhavna Anadkat Sania Bhushan Kavita Sahany Shristhy thapa(sunam) Mahima Krishna A vasu AMRITA MALLIK Manisha M Mili kumari jessy oberoi Priya Dubey Smitha Prabhav Kritika Lall megha Renuka pillai Garima Singla Goldi Dogra Dr. Payal M sreekanna Nimmi rathore Saumya Pillai Sivaranjani Nilofer Shaikh Shruti Kakkar Sirisha Bhalla Madhavi Cholera Richa Thakkar Aiswarya Balu Pooja Ashutosh ranjita sharma Sonal Chaddha Karishma Agrawal kusum Karuna Gandhi Amardeep Mann Suda Jyoti Kataruka gazala samreen Vaishali Naik Neha Kapoor Gill Kuljeet kaur Sneha Manoj Neha Singhal Ruhi Siddique Muskan Jain Neha Suryawanshi jaseena Ghouse basha Sweta ( Gusain minakshi reddy shalini kumari Madhurima Bhattacharya dr sweta bajaj Deepti Tanwar Riya Deb Prachi Gaikwad poonam Keerthana Misha Bakshi lata chand rani Pratiksha Naik Rajeev Singh Ankita Lakhera Aishwarya Shukla Sujay Chail K Kamle T mamta Mili Choudhary Dolly abhinav Singh Reeti Manikyam Cherthedath Kruti Nirmal Saanvi kavita Bhavana Kumari Spiritual Stifler Durga Devi Rashmi Rohan Singh Sisodiya Anjum Astha Himani Tiwari Akansha Dixit Shama Rani Shabnam Priti Singh Vipra Naik Smita Singh Pooja Singhi Divya Amit Jain Gunjan Bhatla Vrushali Bhabad Vidya K Anusuya sahoo Sangeeta .. mrinal borker pawar Srishti Biltoria Akanchha Dubey Krutika Gor Sulbha Bathwal haritima upadhyay Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas ) Shweta Shukla swati chhabra Lubna Tabassum Life of mom Divya (kavyaislife Kirti Wadera Anisha Agarwal Khushboo Pitti Mrs. Chhoker Rashmi Choudhury Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Abhilasha Jaiswal

Interesting 😍😍

Wow... so many topics

O woow just amazing

So excited to participate in this very wonderful contest😗😗😗

Mahi Gajwani Priti Raghuvanshi

All the best mommies!!!

Wow that's superb

Appropriate platform to share our experience. Will do surely.

Nice too much interesting

My daughter's 1st birthday...

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Awesome. Will share soon

Excited to participate in this

Interesting 😊😇

Very nice product

Nice product

#newbie #momathon3 .I wish to share my experience,in fact d most horrifying one,as a Mom,a working woman.A lesson learnt n an experience to share so that others take necessary measures to prevent's a febrile seizure.I am a nurse in the Indian Army....with our duties being hectic.....12 hrs,long duty, alternating wid 7 hrs,half day.Dat day was my long duty when after returning home at 8 pm I felt my daughter who is 18 months old was warm to touch,I told my Mom who takes care of her the whole day through when I am away,checked it to be 100 degree farenheit.Gave her Syp pcm.We slept at 10pm.Kept thermometer under my pillow,to chk fever at night.I was tired n slept off.Late night I touched my daughter's head,felt feverish....'ll chk fever...thought subconsciously n slept off again being tired.After sum time my daughter coohed.....I was shocked to see her tonic clonic movements.....I used to put diaper at night.I just cudnt understand what to do.In hospital we give injections to kids....And medicine to reduce fever...but here she was continuously in those jerky movements.I took off her clothes,diaper took her to d bathroom n wet her with 5-6 mugs of tap water.At last her seizure stopped n she started crying.This seizure might have lasted for 3-4 minutes but it was like 3-4 decades for me.My daughter didn't hold her head,her limbs were limp,n with a continuous cry.I had only my mother with me.My hubby was out of town.I didn't know driving.It was 0330 am.She was crying continuously.What do I do?Whom to call.At one moment I thought of going to hospital wid Mom on scooty, but her cry had made me senseless.I called up our Paediatricin.He told me dat d cry is normal n it wud take 30 minutes for the baby to come out of this stage, that is,the postictal phase,after d seizure.I tried to console her,with her toys etc.but she didn't hold her hand nor her head.At last after about 1 hr she vomitted and stopped crying.I took her out for a stroll , she held her head , hands and thus I got sigh of relief.

West Bengal

Very informative for other parents as well

May I know what is the deadline please?

May I know what is the deadline? Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood

@sweta (Sweta ( it is till Wednesday

Thank you Khushboo Chouhan 🤗

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