It's time to ask anyone anything! AAA- ASK ANYONE ANYTHING.

If you have any queries or have any personal problem to share, ask our moms about anything. What to do: Just "Ask your question" on the same thread, "Tag" the mother you want to ask the question, let's have help each other and have fun with each other. You can ask anything that you think the mom can help you with. Ask anything how do they manage their schedules, to recipes, to beauty tips, to tips on managing time and so much more


Here is my list Kanchan negi how do to manage your baby and still spend so much time on the app

Mahima Krishna A you write so well.. what's your inspiration

AMRITA MALLIK I used to love your Scrabble games!!! Also please revive your night clubs, missing all those moms

Renuka pillai I wanna see your baby's pictures

megha you are new to the app and still becoming a star day by day. How do you do it

vasu really want you to take over

Nilofer Shaikh how are you dear??? How's batul

Sania Bhushan you are like an evergreen queen of baby chakra, your morning thoughts are so inspiring, where did u get them from

Khushboo Chouhan it means alot dearie...thank you so much for your kind words ....❤❤❤you are motivating everyone by your honest comments...

Khushboo Chouhan , I draw my inspiration from the so many facts of daily life. My husband and son are my biggest reasons for it. My time with Aarav everyday and every moment inspire me even more ...

Manisha M wanna see your pretty face behind your dp, please update it na

Khushboo Chouhan how ul be free to spend time in this app....🙈🙈🙈

Priya Sood I love how humble and encouraging you do you manage to keep yourself calm and composed...

@megha I can't afford to miss all the beautiful posts..P.S please update your full name, I m not able to tag you

Khushboo Chouhan you take time out to be very much available on the app...I've always seen your so readily available for anyone who is in need of help

Khushboo Chouhan busy Rhna muje acha lgta h. my son is 5year old his school timing is early so that I wake up early in the morning then firstly I go for me time walk alone at that time I used this app. I just finished all my works early in the morning.
I have a daughter 11month old ,I play with her take care of her usko time to time tummy full Krke apne saath betha kr bate krti hu and app bhi use hojata h uske sath sath me kuch part time works krti hu so apne lappy me songs lgati hu baby dance krti h khus rhti h or sath sath mere works mails and app sb chlte rhte h. 😀
Sch kahu to busy rhne me he maja hai.. fursat k pal me vyakti k mind bht sari worries gher leti hain.

Thanku so much Khushboo Chouhan for ur appreciation,I do a lot of searching n choose better one according to me

Khushboo Chouhan ,Priya Sood n Swati upadhyay all of u three inspire ,tag each n every mom on the app,How u handle all this??

Shridevi Pawan Shilwant thank you for Inspiring me to do yoga. Is it better in the morning, afternoon or evening??

Madhavi Cholera what is the best dish you like to cook?

Sania Bhushan love your morning messages. What time do you wake up??? Are you an early bird?

Sulbha Bathwal what's the best part about having twins?

Yes Priya Sood ,am an early riser,about 5.30 am

Thank you Priya Sood It's good to do yoga in the early morning

If you don't get time in the morning then you can do in the evening

Shridevi Pawan Shilwant please share sone yoga poses na

Sania Bhushan I love connecting with moms

Khushboo Chouhan here is my kuku's pictures.

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Priya Sood i like to cook each & every dish dear !!

Sure dear @Khushboo Chouhan

Everyday morning drink one glass hot water with honey n lemon n start your day with yoga like 1. 13 suryanamaskar with mantras 2. Then do some asanas like vrikshasan, tadasan, matsyendriyasan, shalbhasan, chakrasan, gomukhasan, ushtrasan, n shavasan then some pranayamas, n last meditation for 10 mins n complete your yoga with one shanti mantra this is the way of doing yoga n the benefit is you can stay fresh n energetic whole day , your immunity builds stronger, excess fat loss, flexible and you will be healthy forever...Khushboo Chouhan n Priya Sood

Best part of having twins is that whenever you don't have stamina to play or entertain your kid..there are both to entertain each day before yesterday my one kid was not well and even after us saying him to eat..he didn't..but when his brother forced he had a biscuit..happy tears came from eyes Priya Sood

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