My favourite pregnancy bollywood movie- PAA. I watched this movie continously on repeat mode for 3 days after returning from the doctor's clinic. Then last one day i watched this scene where vidya's mom asks her again and again " bacha chahiye ya nahi chahiye?". Vidya goes on and on with her insecurities. But her mom settles it down so easily by giving her own example and support. I wish all moms were like her so strong and supportive.

I also fantasized that I too will b able to study all through my pregnancy like Vidya and appear for the neet pg exams. But little did I know that for her pregnancy got over in a song of 3 minutes but for me it will take 3 trimesters of innumerable hurdles which I will have to deal all alone with limited support.

Yet the movie gave the much needed perspective at that time. Soon I found BABYCHAKRA. It was like 'doobte-hue-ko-tinke-ka-sahara' situation for me. Then I decided to take one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. I have such a long life. Zaldi zaldi sab kuch haasil karke kya karna he?

I will study later with my baby around me. May be, my baby will get inspired by seeing me. Now I am happy enjoying this sabbatical from work, professional life career etc. Even better that I discovered my own self worth by sharing my thoughts with all the moms here on Babychakra.

#momathon3 #moviereview #pregnancymovies

Really paa achi movie hain

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