The first trimester was very difficult for me. Like most of us I also had nausea, vomitting, wretching of guts, lack of appetite, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, frequent urination, incomplete sleep, irritability, mood swings, career anxiety, lack of focus, weakness, body ache etc etc. But some how by God's grace and blessings I sailed through alive out of it. I want to share with you whatever little I managed to do to keep myself alive and sane in this phase.

1) I used to vent out all my emotions as much as possible to my husband and my friends. My husband was my punching bag and the shoulder to cry on. My friends became patient listeners.

2) Baby chakra- when all my sources got exhausted, like I would finish talking to friends and family and then resort to Babychakra community to vent out and discus more of my anxieties and worries. This community has been very helpful to me in that phase so now is my payback time.

3) I started reading the bhagwad gita but could not continue for long due to lack of focus, sleep deprivation and frequent washroom trips.

4) some how managed to read a couple of pregnancy guide books.

5) when in too much unbearable pain i started doing likhit jaap of om namah shivay in the bed itself

6) adult colouring books was the most engaging activity. I would keep colouring and let all the thoughts flow in my mind witout any restrictions.

7) i am such a music lover but music didn't calm me down at all in that phase. I was completely disinterested in tv and music.

8) On some days when i would feel a little bit okay then i used to do some yoga which made me feel better and also gave a good sleep

9) candy crush- i used to play each level many many times and still not pass through due to lack of focus.

10) Online window shopping- sometimes i would just browse through the online sites like amazon and myntra with no particular interest.

11) the belly book- i bought this journal from amazon which like a scrap book. Some emotions were vented in it also and is still going on.

12) how much i loved to take care of my potted plants but i also lost interest in it due to weakness.

Some how i managed to fare it.

I wish everybody has a easy first trimester. #momathon3

So many moms can relate to this

Really very informative

Felt many of these in my pregnancy 😔

Oh god amrita. So similar in most of it execpt for i didn't have any morning sickness or such difficulty but girl, ask me of focus and i was like that dori in finding nemo, no purpose, not knowing what to do, where to go etc. I would see people praying so much and engaging jn activities and believe me j lacked the interest in almost everything on earth. Tv, books, plants, talks, infact even social media didn't excite me. I would endlessly sleep or be on bbc. Especially being home alone in a nuclear family makes us feel more home sick in such situations.

Nilofer Shaikh yes yaar for pregnancy and post pregnancy time a good joint family can stand up to b the real strength or else the maternal home is the best.

Krutika Gor asha chaudhry Naiyya Saggi Nilofer Shaikh Shruti Budihal Rebecca Prakash Paromita Chakraborty Swadesh Sahoo Nirupama Rout Kavita Sahany Aditi Ahuja Mrs. Chhoker Akanksha Bajaj Satarupa B Kaur Kavita Sahany Taheseen Asif Tabassum shaikh Vidya Rathod Priya Dubey Priti Raghuvanshi Satarupa B Kaur Madhavi Cholera
Revauthi Rajamani Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) Kritz Nitika Chopra Resham Java Kruti Nirmal Ankita Aggarwal Prashanthi srikanth Harshmita Walia Neha Mani Mishra DrShilpa Singhal Paromita Chakraborty sujata prava Abhijit Rout Tabassum shaikh Shruti Budihal somyashree. R Teju Gowda Isha Pal Mahima Krishna A Sathya Kalaiselven Vipra Naik Vrushalee SB Nirupama Sahoo Suchismita Sahoo Nimmi rathore Vidya Rathod Khushboo Chouhan Swati upadhyay many emotions and disturbances taking a toll ....🤗😍

Very helpful For Mom

I got to know about my pregnancy when I was already 8weeks preg 😀 So 1st trimester was only for 1.5m and it was really diff one with lot of vommattes, abd pain, never ending washeoom trips, weakness, weight loss, erc etc. Otherwise my whole preg was smooth till 8th month..except weight gain issue.

Vrushalee SB 1st trimester made me feel sick to the end of the world almost.

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