Loved the new user interface of this app. Seems so much more organized and easy to use. Great job team Babychakra 👍

You spoke my mind.. awesme upgrade

The only piece is I cannot find the tip of the day. Is that feature deleted or am missing out on it?

That's for mums expecting n kids less than a yr I guess... I never had that option active

Oh! I had that option earlier(my kids are 7 months old, that's why may be!). I used to read those tips daily.

Thanks a lot Moms

Thank you guys. We love u because u guys make what Babychakra is today!

wishing babychakra all the best for many more future endeavors...!

charu I will check on tips and come back.

where is the chat option?

Surjana, it's the extreme right end option at the bottom of the screen, next to the 'learn' tab.

hi charu, tips is on the top right end on the main page . not able to see... send me a screenshot on what's app pls..

Even am not able to see, vidhi

can you see a bulb on the top right corner ..near search bar.. its for daily tips

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Vidhi, this is the old version. The new version has a different interface.

ooh didn't know that ...thanks

thank you charu, I will see

Vids....tats the reason I said I don't see any

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