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Googly #1 : What are those 4 important things as memories of your pregnancy or child.
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Priya Sood

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asha chaudhry

#ChaukaTohBantaHai a) when she was taken out of my tummy and i asked the dr 10 fingers, 10 toes?!!! b) when she walked by herself for the first time c) watching her swing in the bucket seat swing at the park d) all the childoos of nursery 2 waving bye at me from the window after i wud drop her to class every morning - they wud scream, "aarini mamma bye!" my gosh what memories! thnx BabyChakra ! Gayatri Rao Manveen Dua aditi manja Charu Sareen Gujjal Nisha Dayal Roopashree Siddireddy Sheeba Rizvi Sheeba Vijesh Shruti Giri Shruti Lakhani manvi bhandari Harneet Khurana Harpreet Sidhu Ashika Imthiyaz Neha Rungta #tagfwd

asha chaudhry

Sumira Bhatia Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Archana Jog Neha Sharma Neha Rungta Neeta Nihale Nasreen Mansoor Shruti Lakhani aditi manja manvi bhandari Suhasini Vinod Preeti Athri Priya Ghosh Prithvi Balaji #tagfwd

Gayatri Rao

#ChaukaTohBantaHai (1) When I was shown my babies for the first time (2) My breastfeeding journey (I loved it both the times and not sure who cried more when weaning, them or I) (3) The special look and smile in their eyes as babies were only for me (4) The baby smell (It was intoxicating)

Roopashree Siddireddy

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Harneet (clanpedia)

#chukabanta hai
1) my bp hit 250 in OT during my csection. thankfully it was controlled immeaditely. i am thankfull, blessed, cant ask for more when i look at my kids and husband. God gave me a life back again. litterraly !
2) when me and daughter cut our bday cake together for the first time (we share our bdays)
3) when my son brought his first mother's day card from school
4) when my daughter said mumma for the first time ( she started with papa first )

asha chaudhry

Roopashree Siddireddy feel free to post here :)

Roopashree Siddireddy

1. My Baby bump with kicking movements.
2. When They showed me for the first time and brought to my ward.
3. When she started smiling she me.
4. Started walking

Charu Sareen Gujjal(TheMomSagas)

1. The first ultrasound that surprised me with the news of twins
2. The first time when I saw them right at the operation table
3. The first pair of clothes that they wore
4.The first picture that we clicked when they were born

Shruti Giri

1. when I felt his kick from inside for the first time.
2. when i breastfed him for the first time.
3. i gave him his second bath( obv d first one was in d hospital by nurse)  despite evryone was opposing as i wasnt even  able to sit.
4. when he said Aai for the first time... though he started saying it  4 months after he said 'Baba' :-(😏😒

manvi bhandari

1) when i was shown my baby for the first time.
2) when i took her in my arms for the first time (i took her after 15 days as she was in Nicu)
3) when shen first spoke mama (she generally speaks papa papa 😝)
4) love to see my baby smiling nd joyful.
#babychakra thanks for such surprises games. i think bbc has just became my second family nd we all are very open here nd friendly with each other. got to know many stories of diff diff mommies here.

Sangeetha Karuna

1)baby Hicupps and kicks
2)once i delivered my gyno, took my baby and said, you got an angel😍😍😍😍
3)As soon as i
delivered, they shown my girl, and she stared at me with whole eyes opened.
4)first time she smiled after she had my feed

Richa Chowdhary

#BatWithBabyChakra #ChaukaTohBantaHai 1. When first time I felt butterflies in my tummy and kicking.. my baby gave me indication then only he's gonna be hyperactive. 2. When I saw my son first time after birth. Tears of happiness couldn't stop flowing. 3. When he took his first steps came walking to me and hugged me. 4. When he said mumma for first time and he made me wait for this till he turns around 2.5 years old. He use to call me something but no mummy / mumma.

Priya Sood

1. His smell as a new born
2. his potty smell as a new born
3. the way he used to roll on tummy then get up
4. the day he walked his first steps.....aaaah

Neha Sharma

1) Talking to my unborn baby and venting to him about any stress I was feeling and in the end telling him we are good to go (it was funny) n will be frns forever.
2) Hunting for baby girl names, only girl names would come to my mind. But it was boy and for few days I called him with that girl name only. (God, I badly wanted a girl)
3) wen the nurse for the first time showed me the baby n I was like haw not a girl, it's a boy and that too with no hairs. (still I was so so happy)
4) Now a days, people saying that ur baby looks like u, aww it just goes too deep n I love it. ❤

Priya Sood

priyanka jain  Puja Singhania  Cecilia Phatarpekar Nandini Aravind Rimsha Idrees Ashika Imthiyaz Srirupa Sen Jai shri revathi suresh HAJIRA firdose Nazeema Shaheen

asha chaudhry

Jai shri Gargi Vaish Susmitha Ch Nasrin Ali Kanupriya Jain Rhituparna Mitra Meghana Tamraparni Prisha Lalwani Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin) Sweta Nagubandi #tagfwd

Suhasini Vinod

1) Sharing the pregnancy news with mommy, that happiness in her eyes made me more happy.
2) Baby kicks n that never ending talks i did with my first son.
3) First time i saw my son n ib kissed him in the labor room. I was both smiling n crying.. such an awesome feeling.
4) Latest is my elder one loving his lil brother( who is 3 months) from the time i informed him that thr was a baby in my tummy. It's feels so good can't explain. :)

Ashika Imthiyaz

a. her smile which exactly same in my dream once. I was in a big dilemma whether I ve to choose my career r baby... on that night I dreamt one child which smile at me... after I saw sucha cute smile I ve opted fa baby..infact I was not at all baby person..
2. her smell - I kissed nd smelled her before her first bath.. Neva ever forgettable one indeed..
3. her inside kicks - which can be feeled touched nd viewable too.. if v punch 👊 my pump she immediately responded me by kicking me again..
4. first breastfeeding - I was amazingly watching her by thinking.. who taught u to suck like this... 😊😊😊 all r wonderful... there r so many... still wondering.. tq fa this awesome tag.. asha chaudhry

Shruti Giri

Saumya Dwivedi

Sheeba Rizvi

Wow super going...

Sheeba Vijesh

1) When I slipped and fell down the stairs in the start of my second trimester. I can't forget the horror of it.
2) When I was pregnant, my hubby and I had a fight because I was hungry. He said he will buy food, I was too tired to cook. I didn't want hotel food and I was crying I am hungry. He lost his cool and shouted at me. I was eating oats and crying and he was so damn confused. He then felt sorry, comforted me and bought chicken biriyani. Blame it on the hormones 😂.
3) I was eating Jackfruit and baby was kicking so hard. It was his first hard kicks. My hubby loves Jackfruit and SIL was teasing this kid is definitely following his father's footsteps.
4) When baby was taken out by C-section, I felt an urge to joke when the doctor said its a boy. And I asked finished so soon!? And the whole operation theater  was filled with laughter.

Sheeba Rizvi

1. When I saw tiny sac on the screen while my first sonography tears were flowing
2. When I was going to labour room first time n was scared if i would see my hubby again or not wanted to hug him bfr going to labour room. 😦
3. Me 9years care during my second pregnancy she was 7 then but cared me like a dadi amna☺ohh can't forget that😍
4. My kids good night kisses n hugs 😍my lo kiss me on cheeks chin nosy forehead eyes like he is my father..lolss 😛

Sheeba Rizvi

one more wanted to add  but it's little depressing 😦
At my second pregnancy when I did my 2nd sonography Dr found something cist kind of things which can affect  brain of the baby but was not sure so he suggest me for a test n told me if test come positive then you will hv to decide whether to keep it or not coz manage a baby with abnormalities is not easy and after you its not sure others will take care of your child. I was on my 4th month so went to that test with heavy heart n sheded lots money in one day they took some sample from the fetus by inserting thru tummy. we waited 4 days for the report and those 4 days were like nightmare for us i was just crying n praying but Thank God all went fine my baby was perfectly fine healthy ☺can't forget that period.

Nazeema Shaheen

1.when my hyperactive baby kicked me hard from within and was noticed by my maid and we had a hearty laugh😌
2.when I first took my baby n my arms
3.when my baby cried only for me and he didn't want anyone to pick him up,felt so proud of myself
4. I miss the baby smell,their malish,and the look on my little one's face when I was breastfeeding staring at me with love 😍😍

Neha Gupta

My pregnancy.......
1) My pregnancy was miracles for me we were not acceptable that time because we were tried to conceive but result are failed because of I had infection....I treated to my infection ..... Suddenly we went to our doctor .... she's gave me pregnancy test kit. I tested n m founded that time m pregnant....I was so happy. 2) My pregnancy first USG scan they were founded near by my baby Blood clot that time no heartbeat in my baby too.. I was so upset that time but my doctor started to my treatment.. medicine,HUCOG injection every week...& she said wait for more 10 days to another Early pregnancy scan..we were wait for next 10 days then go for USG sacn for knows baby heartbeat...that time my husband very scared his not came with me in ultrasound room...But holy Christ  I was so happy when I was listen my baby heartbeat m soo happy ... 3) In my whole life I was so scarey with injection but during my pregnancy faced lots of blood test /injection that time my injection fear out by my baby.. 4) Last was my experience I tell about my delivery time....my cervix open 1-2cm in end of my 8th months doctor said we can't delivered at this time because baby is premature n baby lung's are not fully developed...they were admitted to me and give injection to stop premature​ baby delivery..I was admitted in hospital around 1 week but suddenly my water blast on 8th January again I was admitted in hospital for delivery my hospital is palika maternity hospital lodhi colony...they were shifted to me at Safderjang Hospital at 9:30 for c-section ...but Safderjang Hospital also hold me for 1st priority Normal delivery m suffering for labour pain night 10:30pm to 10:30am then I was in operation theater then I delivered on 9th January my baby boy 10:55 am by c-section that time m so happy when I knows about my baby ....m also excited to see my lil champ......when I see his face I forget all my pain... THIS IS MY 1ST PREGNANCY STORY WHICH I SHARED WITH YOU MOMMY'S..

Nisha Dayal

#ChaukaTohBantaHai 1) the kicks whenever I went out to the Docs (was on complete bedrest and Doc visit was the only time I went out of the house ).  2) When I was shown the baby for the first time she looked like an angel 3) Her baby bunny smiles with just two front tooth. 4 ) Whenever my hubby says that She is loving and caring like you . She looks like her father.

asha chaudhry

hey Neha Gupta thats some story! thank u for sharing ur first journey post with us! keep sharing and tagging!

asha chaudhry

Amritha Srinath suchismita patro Raina Shah come play!

Sonam patel

1- when I took my baby back to home after 17 days in nicu
2- when he smiled for the first time
3- when his eyes surgery were successful and we came out of this happily..
4- his smelly potty😁 his dad would keep piece of cloth on his nose..hehe..

Neha Rungta

1. When I saw my older one for the first time in the OT I was overjoyed coz he looked so pink and cute.
2. When the doctor delivered my second baby and I heard the cry I asked her if it was a girl or a boy and I became so emotional when she told me it was a girl as my husband and I badly wanted a girl baby :)
3. Hearing the heartbeat of the little one growing in the womb for the first time truly felt like a marvel and it was a very special feeling of a life growing inside me.
4. My first one was on fm + bf combination and I made up my mind on ebf for my second one. it was a wonderful feeling and absolutely fulfillimg to have done just that after she completed 6 months.

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Amritha Srinath

1. The first time he was placed after delivery. His eyes were wide open, and he was making sounds  'ttta'. And the first thing I saw was his eyes resembled his fathers'.
2. His toothless smile on his 5th day after birth to his 16teeth wala laughter till date, everytime it gives me such an inner bliss
3. His first birthday, where not only the children n the guests enjoyed, but also Ayaansh.. He fondly remembers when I show him the piks, gives me a big Ummmmmmaaa..
4. The first time I heard his heartbeat on my 1st sonography, after 1.5 months of conceiving him. So many moments, such a pleasure to relive them... THANKS asha chaudhry

Dhara Popat

1)when we came to know that i m pregnant with twins.
2)when after my delivery i was congratulated that m. blessed with baby girl and baby boy.
3)when i brought my bacchas home..  i wont ever forget that days.. as both came home one by one.
4)when i compare there pics of present and past i feel proud.

Priya Sood

Just loving these sweet reminders....ahaaaa

Priya Sood

Beatiful pic Neha Rungta

Rimsha Idrees

1.two days post missed period I got spotting,I thought it's again menstrual bleeding,,,next day no bleeding..got upt done n it was positive 😂
2.itching-i got puppp wherein there s severe itching throughout d body,,even one min I couldn't stay without scratching somewhere
3.daily night hiccups for continuous 10 mins during last trimester 4.soon after delivery she looked me with wide eyes

Neha Gupta

thanksasha chaudhry,Priya Sood,Baby Chakra,......for supporting me when I was pregnant n it's my 1st pregnancy can't understand what to do & don't....but baby chakra n mommy's help me out all of my Questions.....or clear my doubts.....n a got my sweet friend Sheeba Vijay

Kamalini Rao

#ChaukaTohBantaHai# a long story 😛
1. me and husband were not living together as he had to travel to USA for his project immediately after our marriage. it's been 2.5 years that we lived separately because even I was doing job in Chennai and I had to continue my job due to few reasons. everybody at home were so upset when my cousin's who are very younger than me conceived. finally my husband finished his project in USA and came back. to our surprise im suffering from pcod and thyroid which I got to know after trying many times. finally with yoga,diet and exercise I conceived. After 5 yrs of our marriage, isn't it  a good news.
2. we went for Dr chkup and she asked me to do pregnancy test with kit, which turned negative. I was totally depressed and cried like anything. after a week the test was again +ve. so precious those two dotted lines on the kit.
3. his first Heartbeat , I realised he is my first love, it played like a music. the kicks, the sonography, injections, blood tests, tension about his growth, pampering from family, baby shower function, my husband had taken a lot of care and pampered as I was very far from my parents and in laws, we managed everything.
4. And finally my baby cry after his birth, his first kiss immediately after he is born, the moment i took him l, hugged him, kissed him, I feel very proud when I think that with my milk he is becoming healthy.
Baby Chakra just 4 points are not enough to describe the joy, I wish I can write a book on this.. thanks for posting this question, this made to remember all those precious moments once again ❤

Shruti Lakhani

1. The morning I had to take Pregnancy test, I couldn't sleep the night before neither did I let my husband sleep. it was like I've to take most important exam ,☺
2. I used to cry everytime I had to go for ultrasound. It was anxiety. I always had tear in my eyes on hearing my babies heartbeat.
3. I anxiously waited to have food cravings but none. my baby wasn't demanding at all. 😊
4. I had major complications during my C-section to otherwise normal pregnancy. fir once I felt I won't see my baby ever. Feel blessed everytime I hold him. He is my life. Literally. for him only god sent me back ☺

Sheeba Vijesh

aww thank you Neha Gupta... hugs!!!

suchismita patro

1) the last 15 days before delivery.. My baby was kicking me whole night continously during that period n hardly I would sleep at nights.. aahh she continued even after delivery😁😂
2) the day when she born.. Everything was normal and suddenly after admitted my doc said it would b c sec and I was so nervous but her first look post delivery took my pain.. Those innocent cute look with her big eyes..
3) Her first walk definitely when after so much tm she starts to move n walk by her own..
4) The day when she 1st called mama mama... Ahhh can't express the happiness and love

Archana Bhosale

This pregnancy was not less than miracle happened in my life. So I call my daughter miracle baby.
1.when I saw first tym gestation sac n heart beats in usg room felt so good n connected to her.
2.At around 8 months I did some seating yoga & unfortunately started with pv bleeding, rushed to gynaecologist to see whether everything is OK but  She was out of town so went to another gyanc.  Luckily everything was OK, placenta position, baby heartbeat n  all was OK.  It was so scary.  I Was happy to know that I was out of danger. Everyone scolded me for doing exercise.
3.Till 9 months baby was in breach presentation so was waiting for last few weeks but again on 5th Aug at around 2:30 started with spotting n then gave a call to gyanc, as per her advice went to hospital.  Had a c section on same day. It was baby girl 😊😇.  We both wanted baby girl very much.  5th September 2016 was ganesh chaturthi!! On that day ganapati festival started. So everyone said gauri Ali. 
4.Every day she wakes up with smiling face , very rarely she wakes up with crying. Her morning smile is famous in our family. 

sheetal rai

#ChaukaTohBantaHai 1) ours wasn't a planned pregnancy and as our respective parents call us hippies we didn't fit the bill. but when I took my first pregnancy test and it was positive. we laughed the whole night. kept looking at each other and just laughed. we didn't say a word that night. 2) when I heard the fetal heart beat for the first time. 3) when we went out with our friends and it was raining and my legs were swelled up (I was in my third trimester) and I slipped and I somehow balanced myself to prevent the fall but ended up with a very bad sprain. and then I had to pee badly. so my friend and my husband had to carry me to the toilet in a dhaba. 4) my father in law passed away two years back and it was a great loss for all of us. my baby girl was born on his birthday 22nd july 2016.

Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamata

First was I didn't expected to conceive that particular month as during my ovulation time hubby was travelling and I was having my navratra fasts..
Secondly I always dreamt of having twins..Never knew god will bless me with twins and I still remember when my Dr said bathwal you are having twins..I pinched myself to check that I am not dreaming.
Thirdly the football going inside my womb...They both would kick from this to that side..I would not able to see the floor and my mom and mil helped in walking holding my hands.
Fourthly the nst tests where I could hear the kick boxings, judos and what not and nurses would say get ready for wrestling at home😂😂

Dr. Payal M

1- suffering from severe nausea vomiting  (hyperemesis gravidarum)
2- when my daughter said mummy pls dont be sad (at age 3) she being very sensitive to my feelings
3- confirming my second pregnancy
4- my elder one coming to see her brother in the hospital fr the first time

Dr. Payal M

1- suffering from severe nausea vomiting  (hyperemesis gravidarum)
2- when my daughter said mummy pls dont be sad (at age 3) she being very sensitive to my feelings
3- confirming my second pregnancy
4- my elder one coming to see her brother in the hospital fr the first time

Reema Tibrewala

#chauka toh  banta hai
Relishing on cheese chilly cheesos from burger king
Walk to the mall after every lunch break
And the 9.30am cuppa tea with my office team friends
these are my memories of my pregnancy days since was working then...

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