Questions in Baby Sleep

Meri baby k bhot hi jyada khansi or jukham ho raha h dr. Se dwai bhi li lekin aaram nhi lg raha h kyaa kre

aap davai chalu rakeh aur gharelu nuske bhi kre
आप बेबी को सरसों के तेल से मालिश करे
नीलगिरि के तेल कि कुछ बूंदे उसके कपड़ो मे लगाऐ
अजवायन कि पोटली बेबी के पास रखे
सोते समय विक्स बेबी रब भी लगाए ..चेस्ट ..बेक साइड और पेरो के तलवों मे
नाक मे nasoclear डड्रोप्स भी डाले जिससे उसे सांस लेने मे दिक्कत ना हो
बेबी अभी छोटा हें अगर फर्क न लगे तो वापिस डॉक्टर को दिखाऔ

My baby girl is 66 days old I want to know that How much weight of 66 days old baby please its urgent

Actual weight kitna hona chahie

सर मेरी बच्ची 1 सप्ताह की है सोती बहुत है

सभी छोटे बच्चे ज्यादा सोते हैं। ये नार्मल है। बस आप हर 2 घंटे पर बच्चे को उठा कर दूध पिलाये और डकार दिलवाये।

2.5 माह का बेबी है जब वो दूध पीता है तो आवाज सी ...see more

9माह का बेबी है जब वो दूध पीता है तो आवाज सी आती है साँस के साथ क्या कारण हो सकता है

My baby 3 month 15 days old. He has a sleeping problem. He sleeps very less. And that to wakes up in between his sleep. He starts crying whenever I try to put him to sleep. What to do?

Hi Arpita 3.5 months old can't have sleeping problems, pls don't name it. All the babies are like that, they tend to wake up when we put them down. How many hours does he skeep in day? How many hours in the night? Are you breastfeeding him? My 21 month old daughter still wakes up frequently in the night.

Baby aaj sara din irritate rhi nind b aari b soni pari. .potty b ki ik baar milk b nikal diyea and gas bout pass hori. halki khansi karti medic deri nose b mostly morning time bnd rehta nazal drops dalti hun.. koi help

Baby ko agar gas ho rai hai toh aap pairo se cycling karo, pet pat golakar bnate hue maalish kro. Agar ghar me hing hai toh paani me mix kr ke nabhi pe lagao. Isse gas me aaram ho jaega. Feed kara ke thik se daakar dilwao aap.

My baby is just 15 days old and she cries like shes been hit all the time..the only way she calms fown is by putting my boob in her mouth..sumtyms even while feeding she cries like she is irritated..she burps properly on every feed also bt ...see more

Hi Maddy baby is new to this world, every single thing is new except you. Imagine the baby was so safe inside your womb where she doesn't have to do anything on her own, the womb was so warm and safe but now she is exposed to everything, she has to drink on her own, pee and poop on her own and so many other discomforts. The nipple smell of aminiotic fluid the smell she is familiar of and that's why they are glued to our breast. At this time because of sucking air goes inside their stomach which results in colic pain, make paste out of hing and coconut oil apply on baby's tummy and gently massage. Do cycling motion with baby's legs, all these will relieve gas. Also don't put the baby in lying position always, distract the baby , take the baby for walk, hold in your arms, hold on your shoulder. Don't worry its all phase and soon baby will settle.

Mam,en pappaku seventh month start koduka start panita...oru nalaiku 5 to 6 times motion pora...saptu udaney pora ithu normal ah...

My baby is 83 days old and he sleeps only for 12 to 14 hrs is it OK?

3 महीने के बच्चे का वजन कितना होना चाहिए व è ...see more

Nitesh ji baby ka weight sahi he aap chinta na kre

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