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Hi my baby is 15m old he can nit walk doc said do t give him walker.but ither baby as same age or junior from my baby can walk.what should. I do

Don't worry dear. My son also started waking after 1yr 3months. All kids are different. Give him some time. He will start walking on his own by himself and it will be difficult for you to catch him after that 😀👍

My baby is 10 months old.3 days back there was a sudden lightening and load shedding at the same time which made him shocked and as a result he cried at the top of his voice till the time the light came back. Till today even the slightest o ...see more

Hi may be he got scared, don't worry just keep him close to you. He should be back to normal soon. Make sure you introduce to sounds like this, when the whistle sound comes from cooker just take him to the kitchen and show him ifs normal sound comes, when you go out if there is any band baja show him that also. He will get used to it.

My baby is 13 months old now..he now a days doesn't seem to have interest in plain food..and feeding him is like a ready for world war.. whatever I am having in my hands he also wants to have ..after giving those things he wants only he tak ...see more

Hi your baby is on track, yes after 1 year you should offer family food whatever you all eat as family. Just adjust the spice level, its its okay if he is messing, that's how they learn to eat. Check the hashtag #weaningatarah .

Hi mom's please suggest me ma kya karun Mera beta 5 mnt start hua tab se BM pitanahi mtlb Mera nipples Ko pakadke pitanahi ek bund bhi only rotahe nipples mu me rakhe tohh kitna Bhuj ho toh bhi rotahe par esa breast se pitanahi .... Is waje ...see more

मैं अपने बेटे को क्या खिलाऊं

Hello gunjan ji, Aap phal aur sabziyon se shuru karo... Daal se bhi kar skte ho... Daal ko ache se mash kar k do...Phal jaise ki kele ko mash kar ke do... Seb ko ubaal ke... Aur sabziyon ka soup de skte ho... Sabzi jaise ki lauki, aloo ubaal k de skte ho... Abi shuruat me bas ek meal dena hai...4-5 spoons b kaafi hain... Dheere dheere dose badhana hoga... Aur koi b nayi chij aap lagatar 3 dino tak dena jisse bachche ko bachaane ki adat hogi aur apko ye bhi pta chal paega ki us khaane se koi allergy toh nahi hai... Uske baad aap khichdi, daliya, chawal daal, sooji kheer, aate ka halwa jaisi chizen de skte ho.. ek saal tk namak aur chini nhi dene kaha jata hai...mai link share kar rahi hoon aap wo dekho... Idea milega. भारत के शीर्ष दस पूरक आहार

my baby is the 10 hi my baby is some 10 months and 1 week old and does not crawl so is it something to worry about and what should I do to encourage it

Hi does she sit on her own now? Few babies skip crawling and directly stand and then walk so it's not an issue. Just put her down and give toys.

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My baby is behaving strangely from the time I had taken her to my frnds place ,
The first night she cried cried the next day we thought it might be coz of thundering and rains..
But that series of crying everyni ...see more

Can u also please suggest me what am I supposed to talk to her and how can I distract... Her

मेरी बिटिया ने पिछले 5 दिनो से पोट्टी नही &#2325 ...see more

my baby boy is now seven months old and he is peeing very much like one diaper one it normal?
He takes sleep very often..all time he remains awake..

Yes it's normal.. keep the baby diaper free too during the day for sometime..

my kida age above two year .he is fond of eating mitty and cement putty......what to do

Hi looks like deficiency please take the baby to the Paediatrician and do the blood test.

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