Questions in Habits & Behavior

hi mommies! my baby is biting his Lower lip a lot now a days. is it due to teething? or just a habit?

Deepali Soam(@myteenytot)

He is exploring new things. Soon he'll change his habit. Just divert his mind whenever he do so.

hlo evryone ... jab fetl heart rate report main 158 yn 156 ho to kya baby grl hoti h?  or 140se below then boy..  is it true??  or not means kya aise bhi gues hota hai

Rebecca Prakash

Yes healthy baby is important I too get thoughts and keen to know the gender but I immediately brush that thought aside and think it took 5 yrs for me to conceive and there women who are still trying. So we are seriously blessed to be pregnant and accept God's gift.

my baby is turning 6 months old. So far he has been going to sleep nursing. I want him to get used to sleeping with a care taker like my mom or husband. how to make this possible? I tried today and he wails out uncontrollably...any suggesti ...see more

Deepali Soam(@myteenytot)

You can start bottle feeding as it keep them full. They can have a sound sleep with full stomach.

Hey Moms... This may sound as a weird question but I really wanna know if it's ok for the baby if I watch thrillers? I have no work so I enjoy watching Castle - an English murder mystery series. It's not violent or gory but it's a thriller. ...see more

Shipra Dang Kataria

It can impact your psychological makeup which inturn can influence your baby's psychological buildup. You should avoid such shows. Watch shows that make you smile or dance or sing.

I noticed my 6 YO grinding teeth in sleep. So much that I could hear it. What's the reason? Please help.

Richa Chowdhary

my 4.5 yr old also do lot of teeth grinding.. a month back doc gave him medicine to rule out worms issue.. he said kids do at times and not necessarily that's because of worms..
my son still grinds his teeth at night.. m also not sure about reason

My baby is passing urine Atleast 15 to 20 times a day. Kya yeh normal hain?

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Yes normal,  it means baby taking sufficient BM.

My baby is passing urine Atleast 15 to 20 times a day.  Kya yeh normal hain?

Sheeba Vijesh

how old is your baby? baby's have less bladder capacity, they do pee a lot...

My baby is 5 months old and he takes cow milk but only 1/4 bowl,else he is on breastfeed. From last two weeks he is not pooping regularly. He poops after every one or two days. What can I do to make that regular?

aradhana sharma

cow milk is strictly no no till one year,its main cause of stomach realted problems.plz stop it

my boy who is 3 months old is crying all the time... before sleeping and before waking.. it taking lot of time  nearly one to two hrs for me to make him sleep. i have to cradle him when he starts crying and sleeps watching the surround ...see more

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

Infants generally have this weep and sleep pattern. It will gradually get less as the baby grows. Couple of things you can try is stomach must be full, if u breastfeed do it while putting him to sleep it will make him comfortable. Room must be quite preferably dim lit and temperature should be comfortable.

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