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What kind of activities can I do with my child to improve motor skills?

Well, you can play Stacking and Sorting objects in size,  colors,  Building Blocks,  Play Clay Modelling,  Throw and catch a ball,  kicks the football,  jump in the  air,  hide and seek,  let's run,  Go and catch the goal etc.  Hope this suggestion helps you a lot.  Happy Parenting 🙌

So.... phewww.. I was trying to teach her folk painting...but it seems she was in the mood of hand panting...😂😂😂😂 so all over sheet she paint with fingers and just need a minute... to make a mess ...see more

tysm Ashika Imthiyaz 😊

hi all beautifull mommies out there. so i m starting a group on whts up for all moms who have kids between 0 to 8 months. this group will have basically once a month meeting for moms n kids like a small kitty party, dicuss problems related ...see more

that's ok .... please help her out all Mumbai mommy's ....
      sorry dear but m from New Delhi but don't worry we will touch with you through Baby Chakra..👍

Hello mam Abha shah and Sonia Mehta (podsquad) how can make my child (age 5yrs) a good listener and also improve his concentration.

Thank you mam for answering my question

hello momies... how to let my 4 month old boy to sleep on his own when woke up in middle. he needs to be rocked all the​ time​, before sleeping, in the middle when woke up... pls give ur advice... with ur experience

First and foremost make sure baby is not hungry. A baby this age may still need one or two feeds at night. Try with patting the baby and not lifting and rocking. You can start this during the day time first to develop the habit.

Hi Mommies planning to buy crib for my 5 month old baby ...with n10 days she will become 6 month can you plz suggest shall i buy crib or in bed itself shall i attach rails ?  plz share pics if it is crib

open the open ended side. When baby grows up ypu can lock this side when he or she plays etc

My lil girl love colours... I think every child love colours...She found some leaves nd said mommy I want to color them.... I said ofcourse we do....I always appreciate her and do with her what she want to do... Let's do something creative. ...see more

Thank you mommies...❤ Priya Sood Sonika Singh Neha Sharma

See... what Amazon send me....😂😂😂😂😍😍😘😘😘 a monkey who tried to hide in box...but mumma caught her...😂😂😂        ...see more

Do anyone of you knows of some Facebook groups which sale books for childen?

are they trust worthy!! I

Malika Mehta thank u so much...

I am a mother of 3 years and 3 months old boy, could you please suggest good educational toys to help him to enhance his creativity and concentration span?

Dear Betsie, There are some great ideas here so I will not repeat them, but what I will say is that what games and activities you do are not that important. What is more important is how you do them with your child. You can even play with empty bottles and boxes, but use lots of language and be animated when playing. Do lots of pretend play and use different things around in the environment itself, as this is what your child should be learning about now. Read a lot to your child.. Just let your child explore in a fun and engaging way. If you can do this, learning will automatically happen and the love for learning will also come in. Hope this helps.

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