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my periods are due on 26th of this mnth and i c sum blood every mrng in commord when i go for first pee n poo from 20th aug.
this same happened to me in mnth of june. july was no issue.
can someone help me kno whts d issue.
also i m gaini ...see more


thanku. ll do it today evng

I feel like something stucked in my throat and most of the tym my stmch is bloated. during this tym very badly I m nauseating. bcz of this i cannot have fud properly.
what to do??

Anchal Talwar

call your doctor for advice

My nausea and tirdns were subsided by week 11, 12. Now it's 15 th week and it's back with full energy.
Is it normal?

Nancy Singh

dont worry these things are pretty normal. take it as it comes just try taking lots of fluids nd maintain a healthy diet

I am having severe leg pain - side of thighs. From few days it's der, nd day by day it's increasing. I cannot walk properly, severe pain while laying down and turning sides or folding legs.
last week I had same pain on other thigh but it's ...see more

Rebecca Prakash

Check if you have vericose veins?  I'm looking like a spider women from my neck to bottom with green lines.

When to take iron and calcium tablets - in morning or night?

Satyam Sharma

Rebecca Prakash now I know the reason for my sleeplessness! I have been asked to take iron twice due to low hb. and I take it after bfast and then after dinner! and calcium in afternoon (because of gap reqd b/w thyroid meds n calcium)

hi all... today I had my 9 th month sonography.. Dr told there is Cephalic presentation.  my amniotic fluid index is 6 which is cause of concern... and single umbilical cord form a single loose loop around fetal neck... is all this wil ...see more

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

concern part is low afi which is 6.. this may harm baby.. so trust your doctor and follow his/her advice..good luck..

Using chlorinated water affects my baby? I read that it may cause miscarriage too.
Two days before in our water tank chlorine was applied. That day onwards I am having loose motion. Even though I got relief, it's affecting again. Now only i ...see more

Merline Thomson

thanks ma'am
4 all kitchen and drinking purpose v have been usng purifid water only.

haii all , I am havng loose motion since last night. now I am feeling very tired. today morning onwards I didn't have anything. I don't feel hungry.
can I have ors? ? or what else can I have ?
when getting loose motion , from lemon I used ...see more

Sachi Singhal

Have curd or have buttermilk

hello all mommies...want to know how u all 8 month pregnant ladies r feeling this tym...what challenges u r facing these days..nd what preparations u r doing for ur coming baby?...what r u feeling about ur baby?...then I want to compare min ...see more

Navneet Chhabra

i m 8 month ...i m too tired to being pregnant .i feel tooo much hungry and get tired too soon . yes heart burn how can i forget this ..and white dischrge 😜

I'm in my 9th month should I have ajwain with gudh everyday for way delivery??

Sonali Shivlani

This is not going to help to deliver the baby any faster. Just relax and enjoy this period. Labor will start when baby is ready.

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