Questions in Weaning

Q: my baby is 6 months old and is not enjoying eating semi- solids..he still.wants only becomes hell of a process to feed him cerelac.....plz help

Q: right age to introduce finger food???
what to give initially

Deepali Soam(@myteenytot)

You should start with finger food after 7 or 8 month. Child should be able to sit property.

You can start with steamed veggies, biscuits.

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4 hours ago

Q: Hii all mommies & experts... my baby completed 9th month yesterday...I gave her all solid food, all fruits, papaya, pumpkin, raggy- rice- moong Dal powder, but from yesterday I started her  UNIBIC Milk cookies in i ...see more

Manisha Mehani(@mytwinkles)

pls avoid biscuits which is full of preservatives and artificial flavours and sugar loaded . give only homemade food.. especially what you eat. try include baby in your meals too to inculcate food habits. incase you are Keen for buiscuits pls try homemade ones without sugar (replace with honey or jaggery) or try Slurrp Farm cookiie ( free from sugar and preservatives)

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1 day ago

Q: once we start semi solids frm  bf babies will fall sick? my little is having cold what can i do for that she s snezing and runnung nose

Maitreyee Chauhan

Whenever my baby has a running nose ... I give her wikoryl but will suggest u to go to the doctor as every child is different...

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1 day ago

Q: Hello mommies& expert's my  baby is 9 months can I give him slurrp farm cookies?

Harneet Khurana

yes. wud be great.

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15 hours ago

Q: is steam stereliser gud r sterilizing through gas gud

Priya Sood

Steam is good

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1 day ago

Q: How much ml of water should be given for a baby who is 7months old and weaning? Should this be increased as his age increases?

Sheeba Vijesh

hi dear, there is no upper limit. just keep offereing at intervals you may feel baby needs a drink, soon baby will start asking for water.

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2 days ago

Q: Can we introduce bread, tomato ketchup or jam to 1 yr old baby?

Q: hi baby is 6.5 mnths old.on bf n started wid semi soild wid weight of 8.3kg.frm last week during night he wakes up every hour n searches for me.he wants bm..sumtym he jst want my breasts to hold..wat must be d h ...see more

Akshata Chawat

thanku Priya..but this happens every hour so is this for comfort ?

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2 days ago

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