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Questions in Weaning

My baby has turn sic months old which Ll fruit can I givd

Khushboo Chouhan

Weaning Foods for Indian Mums: Khyati's Checklist

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37 minutes ago

Hello mom's.
1) My baby is 15 months old, he is not having food at all, I make variety still he is not opening mouth, he keeps crying if I try to feed him, I usual blend food bcoz he has only 4 teeths as of now..
2) If he gets angry, he is ...see more

Harshmita Walia

Fun recipes

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1 hour ago

Hi mommies..my daughter is going to complete 6 months this week..what food should I start giving and in what quantity..

Richa Chowdhary

Meal Plans: #Week 2 (6+ months)

If feedng brokn rice with dal,whn feedng need grind or smash the broken rice?had any prblm eatng dat rice without grind or smash??how to feed brokn rice with dal?? My baby 10month..he had teeth up n down..

Resham Java

Meal Plans: #Week 3 (7-12 months)

I want to introduce solids to my child. Anyone pls suggest how to start. SHALL I GIVE WATER, COCONUT WATER and JUICES?

Rebecca Prakash

Juices, coconut water, dal pani, milk shakes, soups will all just fill baby's tummy and it got less nutrients. Till 1 year breast milk or formula is the main nutrition so all these juices will replace bm or fm( bm and FM are have more calories than these liquids so good for weight gain) you can start slowly with 1 meal and introduce another one next month. Offer kichadi with vegetables, steamed vegetables, dal rice, eggs, nachini /ragi milk porridge or ragi porridge, fruits like apple, papaya, pears, mangoes etc. Limit the water intake to 40 ml per day so that it won't fill the stomach, give all the textures don't limit only to purees. Start with purees but slowly do the transition to hand smashed this way by 8 or 9 months baby can be in normal family food without salt, sugar and chilli.

M pead is advising avoid pumping as much as possible y dat so.. N I started pumping becoz I wanted to introduce bottle to lo n baby take milk happily from bottle.. Coz of his advise I reduce pumping n give bottle only once in one or two wee ...see more

Rebecca Prakash

Are you joining work? If not direct breastfeeding is recommended. Weaning off bottle by 1 year is very difficult.

my baby is under weight. dr prescribed multivitamin and iron supplement. Is that enough for baby

Satarupa B Kaur

Iron is for diff reasons.; Also,; multivitamin is good.; Ask for a relatable diet Chart too.

Please suggest lactose intolerance diet chart for my 6month old baby

Kavita Sahany

Please consult your doctor dear ..

Hello my baby girl is 7 months old from 5 th month onwards she is not gaining much weight she has already started semi solids her birth weight was 3.2kg and now her weight is 7.7 kg..what can i do to increase her weight.
She is very active ...see more

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