Questions in Weaning & Toddler Foods

hiii and Good morning to all mom's can I give oats to my baby is thr any oats only for baby or I can give which adults have if I can give wats the procedure to give.Sheeba Rizvi Shruti Giri Sheeba Vijesh asha choudhary

Yes you can give oats available in market. You can give it in many form like oats porridge, oats dosa, oats chila, oats pancake, masala oats with lots of veggies.

hi mommies...good morning...i have a query my baby is 9 months old ...what should I gave her beside milk,cerelac ,khicdi,dalia....for a good health...and also to give her nutrition..i am a working mom

You can give her suji keer, makhana kheer, carrot puree, apple puree, mashed banana, mashed potato.

hi all please help me my baby is 9month old n not eating any thing properly his teeth are coming .he hold everything in mouth n spilt from last few days .what to give him .he want only feed n milk

Teething phase is tough for babies. Just ho slow and offer different food at different interval. Massage his gums with clean wet fingers. You can try teether also.

6 month baby ko kitna water dena chahiye

ek fixed amount nahi rehta hai... solids dete waqt de sakte ho thoda thoda katke, aur din mein beech beech mein offer kar sakte ho... thode time baad baby khud paani keliye ishara karega... dhyan rahe ki khane ke ya breast milk dene ke just pehle paani naa de...

my baby S 5 months 10 days old can I introduce fruits for him r shall I wait until he completes 6 months... if I can introduce fruits.. Wat fruits I can giv to him

You can start with mashed banana and steamed apple.

mom's mene weaning food start Kiya hai n mene fruits de diye baby ko.aaj mene suji di,suji me kya use Kru jisase vo sweet taste aye..n rice ka use kaise Kru..n potato ka..n dry fruits me black raisins ke alava or kya use kr Sakti hu..Sheeba ...see more

-You can dry roast suji and can add jaggery into it.
-Boil and mash potato
-You can blend rice and can make kheer.
-Almond powder can be given.
-Try makhana kheer also

Hey guys!  I'm trying to feed my baby apple puree she's not at all having but she enjoys Nestel rice cerelac.  So can mix apple puree in rice cerelac and feed her,  is it Okay shall feed her in that way?

Yes absolutely !! If she doesn't like it than give few days to her and try again.

Since i have started semi many times should i give water to my 6 month 2 weeks baby and how much?

Do read these article. Water could be given on demand.You can give 4- 5 spoons after every meal.

Hi Mom's,

My baby has completed 8 months a few days ago. he started crawling, standing with support Giving him all kind if semi solid foods. But sometimes he refused to take food strictly ..He is taking bm and that too smal amount like whe ...see more

Babies often reject food at this age but you keep trying. 4-5 times bm is enough if solids are also taken. Try new food items like suji kheer, makhana kheer, daliya etc. Encourage your child to move on his own as doc do not recommend walkers.

My baby is 8 month now and I working woman, so before going to office and after coming home I give her breastmilk, so can I give her formula milk, which is the good formula milk, lactogen or nan pro..plz suggest me what can I do, before I j ...see more

Nan pro is a very good option. Your baby is 8m now so start with good solid food too. Like Suji kheer, daliya and the same

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