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Children develop a strong foundation in social, pre academic and general life skills in preschool, which will help them succeed in school and beyond. This is the first area where a child's self-esteem is developed. A youngster learns the va ...see more

2.6 year I prefer preschool..

Happiness looks different for everyone. For you, maybe it’s being at peace with who you are. Or having a secure network of friends who accept you unconditionally. Or the freedom to pursue your deepest dreams.

Regardless of your ...see more

Having something to look forward to can go a long way in filling your cup - How true!! Can relate to this 100%.

The power of patience;helps effective parents deal calmly and rationally with day-to-day problems and annoyances.

It lets them stay focused on the "bigger picture" and not get bogged down by daily hassles.

Patience helps them ...see more

Agree, we can bring up good listeners only by listening to them. Listening is a skill.

Gender equality is the goal, while gender neutrality and gender equity are practices and ways of thinking that help in achieving the goal.

Girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes and communities every day – in te ...see more

Thanks alot dear

COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has brought about a sense of fear and anxiety around the globe. This phenomenon has led to short term as well as long term psychosocial and mental health implications for children and adolescents. The quality ...see more

A mother’s intuition is perhaps just a small part of that entire spiritual experience of motherhood.

As my mother says, “There is no prayer stronger than a mother’s for her children. And no advice greater than th ...see more

Thanks everyone ☺️

You think that the reason your baby is not accepting the first foods because it is bland.

This is where most of us are mistaken, your baby doesn’t show interest in the food, as the baby is used to breastmilk and doesn’ ...see more

I wish more and more parents knew about this. You are making a change by writing about these things, Mahima. Thank you.

Share a smile with friends or even completely strangers can help brighten up their day.

This is the best way to spreading happiness there is always a reason to you smile, you just have to search for joy in the little things and th ...see more

lovely post Mahima.. It is so motivating. :)

Mothering is hard work. It is constant work.;It is so easy to stop caring for yourself or to get;overwhelmed​. But, when you stop caring for yourself, your ability to care for your child is impacted and your ability to;enjoy;motherhoo ...see more

Hey, thanks for posting this. Can you also share some tips for taking care of self? :)

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