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Delayed Cord Clamping (DCC) is recommended to improve maternal and Infant health and nutrition outcomes.
Delayed Cord Clamping means, the Newborn's um ...see more

Very informative post

Are you a mom who undergo pain or dryness while having a sexual intercoursement?
If yes, this blog is exclusively for none other than you.
Well, Sex after childbirth is quite challenging in some women's life..
Do you know that there is a co ...see more

Thanks for sharing this informative post dear! I am sure it will help many new momss. Now i cant wait to read your next post!

Pain isn't only a physical discomfort but an experience of the mind and anticipation of the pain results in needless mental suffering. Mindful birth allows you to experience labor as intense physical sensations which arise, peak and pass. T ...see more

very helpful post dear..thanks for sharing !

Your PELVIC FLOOR is a group of muscles (3 layers) that run from the pubic bone ( in front) to the tail bone ( sitz bone). The pelvic floor is a highly vascular ( a large blood supply) as well as highly innervate (a lot of nerves),part of t ...see more

Do you Child birth is more complicated than we think,
The hospital set up so many machines and all scare you,, #drswetabajaj #Childbirth was much easier way ago when ladies were less on bed, more walking ...
keep your self active, donot ...see more

Hats off to my mom when she was pregnant second time she was working till the previous day of delivery😄she was accounting and my brother also have same interest account ing also appearing for CA

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