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I had been meaning to share with you all my last big project which was Shaarav's birthday but couldn't find the time. But better to be late than never, so starting with this I'll be sharing some of Shaarav's birthday pics in the next few po ...see more

You are simply great. This is too good.

I am an arthritis patient and there are times when i really suffer from excruciating pain. It kind of makes me immobile and it kind of affects my kid as well. I cannot step out so our little Biryani is also caught indoors. She is an extreme ...see more

Small kids demand new toys every now and then and as parents we try to fulfill their demands but every time it's not possible to get them costliest toy ..
This is what i did when my kids were demanding red car when they were #toddlers ...
B ...see more

Thank you so much

My little one is scared of firecrackers, hence I decided to help him overcome his fear by creating a food platter that resembles "ladi" (firecracker)
This foodart is indeed easy and can he done with your little ones ...see more

Just amazing ❤️

Here is our #diy #sheldoncooper inspired cloth folding board. Boo can fold his laundry in no time and it's so much fun.
"The most powerful tool parents have for sharing their way of life and their values, is the example they set, the be ...see more

very nice

Boo has already learned about vital organ in school, but body function came into play once toilet training started. There were lots of question where is the poop coming from, why is body making it etc etc.
Small talks and ...see more


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