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Activity 25- Thread mirror painting.

Playing with colours not only enhances the gross and fine motor skills of a child but also his power of imagination and creativity. This time we used the household sewing white thread.

Steps: ...see more

Thank you so much for sharing dear :)



Just while we were at the beach last week,saw a lot many parents holding back their babies from playing in the sun & sand. Sometimes, going easy is a great idea to upraise a street smart ...see more

Beautifully expressed👍👍

Working Moms!

Every mother is a working mom, right from the time she conceives till her last breath she is earnestly n endlessly thinking about her baby, is why i captioned today’s blog as ‘working mom’. There ...see more

Nice... and amazing picture

I had been meaning to share with you all my last big project which was Shaarav's birthday but couldn't find the time. But better to be late than never, so starting with this I'll be sharing some of Shaarav's birthday pics in the next few po ...see more

You are simply great. This is too good.

*Daily Nutritional Dose For Infants*


As parents we are always worried if our baby is falling short on some of the essential nutrients especially in the first year of a baby’s lifespan. Since breast milk/formula milk &oth ...see more

Adorable baby. Helpful post


How much ever hard u try to avoid gender stereotypes in ur child’s life,the society will bring it on. I’m talking this in context to the toys our babies play with. Why do they not have the fre ...see more

Yes , agree with u.

So finally my little munchkin has started saying few words like .....

❤️❤️ BABA

❤️❤️ BUAA

❤️❤️ PAPA

❤️ ...see more

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Many parents think that a walker will help their baby learn to walk. However,walkers interfere with the natural process of walking by providing an easier alternative method,it decreases a baby’s de ...see more

very cute baby ! nice post !


When ur child’s body temperature is at or above 100°F,ur baby is down with fever,making them cranky & irritable.Never ever ignore a fever condition in ur baby. Without even a slightest of hesitatio ...see more

much helpful post ! includes almost points , great share!


Babies r trying to make sense of the world by soaking up every noise n every experience around them,this makes them understand how the world works.Hence,it’s very important to take your child out & show arou ...see more

Beautiful pic

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