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Maintain routine sleep hours for kids. Don't skip a nap.

1. Sleep promotes growth.

2. Sleep helps the heart.

3. Sleep affects weight.

4. Sleep helps beat germs.

5. Sleep reduces injury risk.

6. Sl ...see more

Managing a kid


This is the most common question asked by many over DM’s almost every day.

All I can say is ’ Always follow the routine ’.


⏰ Wake up at least an hour before then the k ...see more

📱How to reduce the screen time📱

Screen time! This is the most common problem for every parent! Avoiding gadgets from kids in the digital era has been a tough thing.

Following a few steps, we can reduce the screen ...see more

Please tell about music time

How to introduce fruits

There are many ways to introduce fruits.

1. You can start introducing fruits from 8+ months using fruit sac/baby fruit feeder/food feeder available online and offline stores.

2. Banana is the best ...see more

Things you shouldn't do in front of children.


🤫 please don't discuss family politics.


🤫 Dear Parents, Don't fight or argue with your partner in front of your kid, it will affect those little brain ...see more

very important topic

Brushing tips.

Brushing twice a day is a good habit and good for health too. Maintaining a healthy tooth should be inculcated right from childhood. Most of the kids suffer from tooth decay since 2 years of age. It's because of poor br ...see more

Wow!!!! Bookmarking it and will share when moms will ask about this topic!! Very detailed

Don't Stop Your Child! Let Them Explore.

Kids are more Enthusiastic in exploring Things, If We Stop Them They Start Exploring When We Are Not infront of them

so its better to let them explore infront of us

because w ...see more

Weight gain ?

Recently a few of my friends asked for some suggestions regarding -

” ways to improve weight in kids”.

To be frank my little one is underweight till now.

As a mom, I used to worry about un ...see more

Helpful tips

Toy Rotation!

Kids Love Toys and Toys Attracts Kids.

Kids get bored with new toys in just 2-3 days and end up by avoiding toy play.

In such situations, we (parents) have to be a little more intelligent!

For this, ...see more

its really helpful

Birthday Party

Birthday is a big day for every parent from bday decor to dressing up our little one.

We (parents) always keeps things till the last min and end with hurrying in the last min. To avoid those things for memo ...see more

great post dear.. bookmarked

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