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In our hectic schedules we usually neglect the most important being in this world "Ourselves". Self love is indeed not selfish.

Advise from a Medical Doctor to all divas of babychakra

1. You can not finish all the house chores i ...see more

@durga devi thank you dear

Tangy Orange Juice 🍊

Here I have explained all about the press and process. It's very simple

Take oranges,Kinnu and pomegranate. I have taken only Kinnu here. Cut into halves. Remove the seeds using a knife. Put one ...see more

Nice👌👌👌and healthy

Happy Sankaranti to all of you!!

Makar sankaranti is all about Til God ke laddoo but spare me for not posting til ke ladoo instead I am sharing my homemade Besan Ladoo..after all festive shouldn't be celebrated without sweets and ...see more

We, women, go through a lot of emotional and mental changes during pregnancy and after delivery(postpartum).

During my pregnancy, I was scared to travel and changes in baby moments frightened me. And after delivery, every little ...see more

Khushboo Chouhan

This is how the world of a New Mom looks like:

Bedroom becomes your home

Baby's clothes scattered all over

You haven't combed your hair for days and days

Trying to figure out how to fit into this new schedule

T ...see more

Vry true ..ik azeeb c Shanti milti hai .. whn baby hugs u.. 😘

Hello mommies,

This was the view from my window today at 7:00 pm..

Nature has it's amazing ways of mesmerizing us with its beauty...

So look at the beauty around you mommies and share the pic.. ...see more

Lovely pic dear

Life changes a lot after marriage and even more once we become a Mother....

What can ease the discomfort of these many changes is accepting and embracing the beauty of these changes.

Only then we will be able to live each phase ...see more

Thanks Vrushalee SB Khushboo Chouhan and Rebecca Prakash

Article 02 : Chubby mommies, it's time to embrace our extra fats...

Staying healthy and fit should be our motto Mommies, and not being thin...

The thought of a lean body and perfect curves is what bothers every Mumma on this pla ...see more

गर्भावस्था में इम्यूनिटी कमजोर हो जाने  ...see more

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