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Thanks for sharing dear.

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#babyfoodrecipes .


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Yes apple puree are the best to start with :)

'Feeding the Banana' tip

🍌 When a baby turns 6 months , first fruit which strikes our mind are bananas.

Easy to mash , high in vitamins , recommended by Grandparents , doctors ,right mommies ?

🍌 How about instead of spoon f ...see more

Thanks ladies🥰🥰

Can 6M old eat herself🤔?

Yes , Atleast Let them try .


Solids started for my baby since last few days .

My rules 👇

👶No purees

👶Limited spoon feeding

👶 Encouraging self feeding

👶 Brea ...see more

Akanksha Gulati ofcrse dear shes doing well

10 Best Introductory Homemade Healthy Foods For Six Months Babies

Being a new mother, one of the most exciting things to literally enjoy (apart from a whole night’s sleep) is introducing solids. But all the while, I am sure your brain ...see more

very helpful post..
nicely written with much details..thanks for sharing with us..

Getting the #babyfoods sorted. #healthybabyhealthyfamily

Can't wait for the meet and greet by @beabaind @beaba_usa for @mybabychakra at @suryahospitals #babyfoods #beabaind #Beaba _usa #nestwithnilofer #babychakra #mommyingbaby ...see more

Had a great time .

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