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Generally moms ask question that m not well,whether I can feed my baby.The answer is YES.During any ordinary illnesd such as a cold,sore throat,flu,fever etc,u should continue to breastfeed.Just re ...see more

Meri beti ki time mujhe fever huyi thi or mujhe sab Mana kr rahe the or Dr se pucha toh unohone bole feeding main koi problem nehin hai

मां बनने के बाद हर महिला के लिए सबसे बड़ी &#2360 ...see more


குழந்தைகளுக்கு டயாபர் அணிவிக்கையில், &#294 ...see more

Tamizh unga ishtam, naan breastfeeding questions la expert then weaning la so enoda hashtag #weaningatarah #breastfeedingtips . Indha madri neenga edhavadhu veinga

Hi Doc, my baby never took feed for long. When she was below 1 old she used to take 5min each side. Now she is 5m old and donly takes feed from either one side only for 4-5min. She urinates 6/7times and gaining good weight, she is 7.48kg now. To my worry why she doesn't take feed more than 5min, her Paw said maybe she is expert in latching now and my milkflow is good as well. Shall I worry, and if so how shall I encourage my baby to latch more ?

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Breastfeeding comes with lot of challenges, One is feeding in public, I know many people who avoided going out because of breastfeeding. When few were not comfortable feeding in public, Many faced disco ...see more

Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas ) I'm eagerly waiting for your maternity and nursing clothes in throw away price. 😉

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தாய்மை அடையும் போது சந்தோஷத்தோட& ...see more

#tamilbabychakra #breastfeedingtips
தாய்பாலை அதிகரிக்கும் தாலியா:
தா ...see more


குழந்தை தாய் பால் குடிக்க என்ன செய்வது? ...see more

' #tamilbabychakra #breastfeedingtips ஒரு மார்பகத்தில் குழந்தை எவ்வளவு நேரம் குடிக்கிறதோ அதைப் பொறுத்து சுமார் 15-20 நிமிடங்கள் வரை கொடுக்கலாம். அதன் பி '...Read more on https://babyc.in/l/z5fZqCtoFoe2R1aa7
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