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We hear a lot on social distancing now. The same applies to our investment - keeping them apart in different buckets for different time span. What a strong portfolio has -

✅ Diversification - having a different array of pro ...see more

~~Morning saving tips~~

If you are a new investor

✅ Keep your Investment simple

✅ Don't go by hearsay - you are in a new age era where you can analyse any Investment. Keep yourself aware

& ...see more

Beautiful pic dear 😘
helpful post !!

"The first step to teaching your kids how to handle money is being a good example.";- Dave Ramsey


Why teach self saving in kids

1. Teaches them the importance of money

2. Helps to set their goals
...see more

yes agree!! my kid just got a piggy bank as a gift from his play house teacher..& he is so happy to collects coins..

Empowering a girl child?

✅ Open a savings account in her name

✅ Sukanya Samriddhi account - can be opened for girl child below the age of 10

✅ Ppf

✅ A term plan with your chil ...see more

~~Savings tips~~


✅ Creating a cash flow of different source of income

✅ Investing in different products to create these cash flows - mutual fun ...see more

superb pic & helpful post dear..

Savings tips


1. Calculate your returns and see the profit

2. Try savings these profits for short period saving plans

3. Maximise your returns by having an array of different saving plans

. ...see more

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~~Morning Saving tips~~

1. Always have a separate savings account for exigencies with a different ATM card. Keep your daily use funds expenses separate.

2. You cannot enjoy your future if you don't enjoy today. Plan your ...see more

Muskan Jain can u connect with me on Instagram krisha_and_mommy??

What's your past cannot be undone, your present is happening now and the future is in your hands.



Tips for small savings

1. Save in start of the month - you know the budget you have for your month ...see more

Morning saving tip---

"Rome was not built in a day" ~~Similarly wealth cannot be built today. You need to invest today to make wealth tomorrow.



1. Hope you know your goal??

2. You know what ...see more

What a beautiful tip Pallavi, Pallavi, can you please message me on an email at khushboo@babychakra.com. I have something for you in mind :)

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