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💁Hello Everyone... Follow my YouTube Channel ( Indian Mommy Life) for such Tips #bathtime #bath #bath ...see more

Some ‘me’ time after ages. It was brief but sumptuous...good food, a brand new hair cut, gupshup with 😊 #newyear #metime #girlgang #bbcreatorsclub

superb hair cut!! enjoy!!

🤗 This picture always reminds me our those days wh ...see more

Very beautiful picture

My ‘ME TIME’ story-
So many things have happened since January this year, that I have forgot what is me time. But my current trip to Pondicherry changed it all. Here I share some snapshots.
My bonding time with my dad over t ...see more

Traveling does make us grow more as person...hey btw I followed u..could u follow me back?

After having a baby,women goes through many changes and with the added responsibilities,it would become tough to for moms to concentrate on her body and fitness.
But it is very essential to know that fitness and excercising is a routine pro ...see more

superb post !!

आज छुट्टी का दिन था तो मेरा मन हो रहा था कि  ...see more

Wow itna acha acha khake aay

As you all know, our genes are hard working on little V!! So this post is dedicated to all travel freaks whose feet are always on run to explore the wonderlicious experience of our beautiful world.
But wait!! Are you really ready to do a r ...see more

@Babychakra Baby Chakra

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நமக்கு தூக்கம் தாம்பா...
நீங்க எப்பட� ...see more

@Rose you are pregnant or you have a baby?

Here comes the next topic for our Hashtag party! Today's topic is Me Time.
We all love our own me time where we would like to do something we love to do. Share your Me time stories, advice, what do you do in your me time, how do to mana ...see more

#hashtagparty #metime
In me time,first of all i check BabyChakra app,see recent posts,articles,happyhours,parents are who blessed with babies wish them,check chats n answering questions.I feel relaxed that i have done my duty towards app.Then another is do my pending work like arrange almirahs,try some beauty hacks n call my friends n relatives .

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