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Who doesnt like icecream but we parents usually shy away from treating our child with icecream as it has ZERO nutrional value, but what if i say you can feed 2 apples at a time with this simple recipe.
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Swati Upadhyay thank you. And yes it's very delicious. Also very good option for teething baby

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Till which age bottle feeding is ok for babies? Nd when I yesterday visited ped here in bhilai, he told me to stop bottle feeding nhn to baby tutlane lagte hai. Is it true? Pls suggest.

Wow asha di.. this is such a nice trick to do. Navya is also at the top list of all dramas😝

Turn a blowup pool into a playpen.
This idea is great because a blow-up pool is easy to clean, inexpensive, and surrounds your child with a soft place to land if (read: when) they happen to fall over.
Source: Diply
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Sharing a few mom hacks that you guys will find really handy!
A quick storage tip.
Small takeout containers (like the ones used for condiments) are the perfect size for pacifiers. All you have to do is store them in a drawer and then ...see more

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Hello all,; today started with yoga of 45mins.
Hand exercises, suryanamaskar 10min pranayam 15mins and relax. I know; challenging to start with atleast for me but after thinking one week. Today I w ...see more

I hit the pool yday!

Weneva u hav food take ur baby in ur lap while eating..its old saying dat baby will feel satisfied den...🤗🤗🤗

It's a myth. Babies will cry especially when they are very young because they are in a new environment and being with the mother with familiar touch and sound is comforting. Having baby on lap you may spill food on baby and it may be hot or spicy which can create a problem.

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