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*Different Views on Parenting*

Disagreements over one or other parenting areas like bedtime, discipline or feeding are inevitable, but destructive consequences can be easily avoided. To resolve disputes before; any of you becomes a vi ...see more

Bonding with the BABY!!

- 1. Bring out the SINGER in you - Yaas! Sing to the baby any favourite tunes, songs. You would need a Nappy changing song, a lullaby and many more 😜


- 2. Respond to the baby's cri ...see more

🌟💯🌈❤️ Travelling with Toddler during Pandemic

Sounds so scary right? But sometimes you have to manage things according to the situation. I travelled after 10 months of pandemic with my baby wh ...see more

Thank you so much for sharing dear.

Want to take an underwater tour.. let's meet some fishes and corals of the sea !!!

Made the foodart using apples, raisins, peanuts and some ghatiya (gujju love) ...see more

This is Awesome dear!!!

This statement really touches on an important concept. How we communicate with our children is often more important that what we are trying to say. Body language, tone of voice, our overall demeanor--these things can make or break our best ...see more

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Are you having trouble gettinf your child to follow rules while playing or following insteuctions?

Try playing "Red Light, Green Light ".

It’s a kid racing game that works on attentiom building as well as compliance. ...see more

superb #parentinghack !!

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