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Baby or toddler throwing food on the floor????

It’s important for kids to play with their food.But some planning can help mitigate the messes new eaters make.

No, the mess will never be reduced to zero

Bonus Tips for mess free meal ti ...see more

Thanks for sharing...

In my last post,, I talked about some of the tips that new moms can use for ensuring a healthy eating. My d ...see more

Thanks everyone for appreciating. It means a lot! ☺️

How To Develop Healthy Eating Culture- Super Easy Ideas For Fussy Eaters

Is your child a picky or a fussy eater? Of course, which child isn’t? 😂😝

Being a mom of a toddler, I can proudly say that the most challenging ta ...see more

Haan if she is full then dont distract her to eat more , her tummy her hunger. This helps in long run.

Eating low amounts of meat, fish, iron fortified foods, and vitamin C rich foods, dieting, skipping meals, or a combination of this eating pattern contribute to poor eating habits.

So Healthy eating is one of the most important skills that ...see more

so so true!!! thank you for sharing Dr. Deepti :) following all your hashtags :) will wait for your next post :)

To prevent your child from being a picky eater, here's what you need to do:

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