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Hi mommies I have tried my first infographics. #madhurigandla #myreception #tipsonhand #bbcreatorsclub #pottytrainingtips #pottytraining #infograophics

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Most of the parents will be worrying about one of most important element to be done for the toddlers that is POTTY TRAINING.
I am mentioning about some of the experiences that I had with my baby regarding potty seat t ...see more

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Bathing Time is Bonding Time.
Know all about the significance and the dos and don'ts of Baby Bathing with this Panel of Experts from OKBaby.
Potty Training can be challenging.
Meet the panel of experts from OKBaby and know all about d ...see more

Poop, Pee and Parenting!
I haven't read any book on this topic so far, because I feel my baby and I have reached there, still I need to force him to sit on the potty seat
I never knew SHIT could literally be a topic of concern f ...see more

Nope, i laughed reading few sleep training pages. Babies don't come with manuals.

Govind's potty seat
This is a potty seat by R for rabbit; which I have bought online from amazon.in.
It has 4 parts as you can see in the images.
On the top is the seat with a good back and side support for early sitters. It gives sufficie ...see more

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#PottyTraining #SmartKids #EmbarrassedMommy
My 2.8 yr son has just been fully potty trained and today was his first outing without any diaper. I was anxious and repeatedly explained him that "Susu ayega toh bata dena". While sitting in a ...see more

Patience and consistency is important. You can insist as you did but not too often, yet whenever they are happy, you know they are gonna do potty. Show some cartoon videos available for kids for potty training tell them how important for everyone one to be hygienic and healthy. Most importantly they do what they see you emphasize and do your washing hands telling your kid how mumma is doing u must also do.

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