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Once you are popular as #pregnant you start getting #freeAdvice from everywhere. Even I got many
Some were totally illogical, some myths some truths.
One of them was like eat amla to have a baby boy
3 top items which I was advised by most ...see more

Haha you should tell him now. There was no restrictions from my family but i had food aversion.

#BBCcreatorsclub Hey!! This is kuljeet Kaur mommy of Agamveer singh😍. I enjoyed BBC from July 2018.Every pregnancy is different so during pregnancy sometime we feel hesitation to ask questions. So I think Baby chakra is the best pl ...see more

Well said👏👏

गरभावस्ता के दौरान आवश्यक पोषक तत्व&#2379 ...see more

Informative post durga

Why avoid these foods during pregnancy!!

Many people ask about foods which they can include in their diet in each pregnancy trimester. For example folic acids are a must in first trimester. Besides lots of fluids and foods from each food group, each developing stag ...see more

It is basically foods rich in calcium and magnesium..

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No ....u still need to take folic acid tablets

The best #pregnancy snacks would be those that are -
1. Filling
2. Quick to make
3. Healthy
4. Something that doesn't make my MIL come into the kitchen to investigate my doings
5. Yummy
Ingredients used - Cottage cheese made at home, toma ...see more

It is important to eat Healthy Foods During Pregnancy. For more things like this keep visitinghttps://www.moovly.com/blog/10-benefits-of-using-video-in-training-and-development source. It is good for the health of child as well as mother. If a woman does not take a perfect diet during her pregnancy. It would be a bad effect of her health as well as on her child.

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