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While proper nutrition is vital for healthy pregnancy , exercising ,yoga ,walking is equally important .

When pregnancy got many changes in life say it physical,social, emotional leading to fear, excitement and happiness, prenatal ...see more

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Breastfeeding has proven to reduce chances of crooked teeth. There are now ways to help mothers stay fit and feed easily. ...see more

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Did you know chocolate is not your enemy! Cocoa bean husk or the natural form of chocolate is being considered for toothpaste solutions. ...see more


Getting your child checked from a preventive pediatric dentist will avoid the presence of decay and also crooked teeth. Correcting simple habits can prevent crooked teeth. ...see more

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Enjoy your pregnancy if doctor advices

I am yoga teacher by profession

N m really enjoying ...

Do atleast basic streches

To relax your muscles...

...see more

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Thumb sucking in children is very common. Bad tasting creams,powders or fixed appliances are used to make the child forget thumb sucking. This habit can be forgotten by solving the cause of this issue. Visit our preventive paediatric dentis ...see more

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Upper airway issues like cold, cough and allergies could actually just be a mouth breathing issue! You could get a habit analysis done.

...see more


#Milkteeth need all the attention once they arrive. Dearest mommies, the t ...see more

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