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I have been getting a lot of DMs asking the details about how I DIYed this theme for Shaarav's 3rd birthday. And I know I'm super late in creating this post but what can I say this is how busy this ...see more

Thank you so much you guys!

I had been meaning to share with you all my last big project which was Shaarav's birthday but couldn't find the time. But better to be late than never, so starting with this I'll be sharing some of Shaarav's birthday pics in the next few po ...see more

You are simply great. This is too good.

For this week's read, we picked this wonderfully illustrated picture book by Katie Stileman (which is said to be rivalling that of the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle) called "Peely Wally".


This super adorable bo ...see more

Thanks for sharing dear

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The Dilemmas of Being a Working Mom


Parenting is full of personal choices and a recent life-changing choice that I have made is joining wo ...see more

Pooja Singh : My son stays with my inlaws so there's no need to worry about that thing for me...I anyway ask my son what he did when mummy was away and he gladly tells me everything what he did the entire day at school as well as at home, if he finished his lunch or not, what his teacher said to him etc....but if you are leaving your child in a creche or a daycare centre you could ask them for hourly updates. In metro cities now the daycare centres have apps which can provide you with live updates on your child. I have taught my child to tell me everything whether good or bad and not to hide anything from me...you could make your child do the same by sharing with her/him how was your day etc. That way they understand that it's normal to tell everything. And if you don't have the facilities then you have to trust your mother instincts and not fret uselessly, though being cautious never hurts.



Early motherhood years are tough and trying. And as much as young kids act as stress busters, in an inexplicable way,; they are also a kind of stress givers too.


Of late he has b ...see more

We are back with our book reviews.


The book that we chose for today was "Who's Afraid of the Dark" authored by Melanie Joyce and illustrated by David Creighton-Pester. This book is for those who are afraid of the dark. ...see more

Vrushalee SB Sure! Thanks for liking and enjoying my book recommendations. 🤗

The Truth Behind My Picture-perfect Motherhood


Have you wondered what picture-perfect motherhood might be like for you? I imagine it to be like the one where I am utter patient with my child, where I refrain from shout ...see more

Thank you everyone!

It's Sunday so we picked a book with some fun element in it.


The book that we chose for today was "Doing the Animal Bop" authored by Jan Ormerod and illustrated by Lindsey Gardiner. This book is all about entertaining ...see more

Love your reviews.....will buy each one for my boy 👍

We picked the book "For Everyone To Share" authored by Gillian Lobel and illustrated by Daniel Howarth.


This book about a mouse who ventures out to see the world outside its nest for the first time has been a great boo ...see more


Shaarav has been going to playschool for more than 6 months now and he has made a few friends. When asked 'Who are your friends?', he names a few boys and girls from his class. So he knows who his friends are, but does he know what friendsh ...see more

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