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Activity 25- Thread mirror painting.

Playing with colours not only enhances the gross and fine motor skills of a child but also his power of imagination and creativity. This time we used the household sewing white thread.

Steps: ...see more

Thank you so much for sharing dear :)

Among all the outside precautions somehow we again forgot our stay at home Moms who are a constant reminder for their husbands, children and families. So here I come up with few of the safety measures and precautions we can follow at our ho ...see more

So friends as we all know Valentine's day is around the corner and everyone is so damn busy planning and ordering stuffs, I just want to share my plans to enjoy this week with my ever enthusiastic and naughty son. My plan for Valentine's is ...see more

Wow!!,good efforts👍👍

Every celebration is special when its with my little one. This Diwali, I made sure that I involve my 2 year old in all festivities and preparations.

Here I am sharing few ideas we all can do to engage our ever exploring toddler during ...see more

Nice pics, Happy Diwali

I wish I had a clone. To massage my baby, bathe;him well, play with him, dress him up, make his favourite food, make;a new dish;if he spits or refuses, clean his bum, clean all the mess only to clean it again after 2 hours, make him sleep, ...see more

Hmm ideas is gud .. bt conclusion is better 😜😜😁

Hello Mommies and Daddies, here I am sharing 5 ways of happy parenting which I have been following since I became a mom.

1. Patience. A lot many times I felt quirky, disturbed, lonely, frustrated, be it any reason related to me or my ...see more

Kids are way too innovative. The moment we occupy them with something and leave, next moment they make a totally different way out of it. The same happens with my young toddler.

Actually, we already have so many toys since his pa ...see more

Very nice post

Hello Mommies, here are my tips for sustainable world which we follow and make my son also to see and follow then too. I would be happier if you too follow some of them and found them useful.

1. Use of paper and cloth bags instead of ...see more

Very useful post Rashi

A big HELLO to all the wonderful Mommies of Baby Chakra family. You all are doing amazing. Ahh! we need to hear that often, isn't it??

Motherhood is really a blessing bestowed on every woman since her birth. So why not we celebrate a ...see more

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