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And that was our greener alternative to plastic this Sankranti 🌾


A handmade potli to distribute Ellu Bella, which is the hallmark of Sankranti festivities in Karnataka was a total highlight this year 💌 ...see more

Hey thank you 🧡

There is discussion going on near me, while I sit in the park and admire the sunset. I see group of old people discussing on younger generation and how impatient their lives have become.

Suddenly the discussion takes recourse. one kin ...see more

So true, even I changed myself few years back, they truly deserve respect.

What is menstrual cup?

The small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber.Instead of absorbing the flow, like a tampon or pad,it catches and collects it.

*How to wash the menatrual cup?

✔&#65039 ...see more

Sathya Kalaiselven I'm using from sirona brand...u can try shecup,soch green

We love to throw parties for our kids. Every year we anticipate what the theme should be and prepare for it with great love and enthusiasm.

But every party also creates a lot of plastic waste. While we hope and wish for a lon ...see more

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*use steel , glass or wooden plates for snacks..
*offer fresh fruit juices to kids in crockery or steel glasses
*try to pack gifts on homemade paper or designable cloth rapers ..
*do decorations from fresh flowers & kid's photographs.. u can also use green leaves & create a jungle theme!
*say big NO to plastic decorations, disposabke water bottles , plastic gift wraps & styrofoam plates & glasses
*serve healthy snacks & try to create healthy atmosphere using homemade fruit cakes, fruit popsicles, vegetable sticks & milk shakes !
* use toys & teddybears for decorations instead of baloons & plastic wrapers..

As women, we don’t think twice before using disposable sanitary pads or tampons. But do you know that

sanitary pads are second largest pollutants in oceans and landfills and they do not decompose

As women we can ...see more

The problem is most women will be horrified with the idea of putting something up in their vagina.. scared due to pain , discomfort, and many other issues. I tried telling few women around me to shift to menstrual cup since it has been a blessing for me, but I got responses like what if it gets lost in my body? Or what if I get infection? And the most interesting, I'll switch after I have a baby. Because if I use it n then I'm unable to get pregnant then what will I do!!
I used a menstrual cup for my periods, didn't get infections since I took proper care to clean it well, and ofcourse I conceived too after using the cup. N it's so comfortable, I didn't even feel I was having my periods.

22 April was International Mother Earth Day.

With the kind of environmental hazards our Mother Earth is facing, it deserves more than just

a day ! This whole week, we will be bringing you 7 simple steps that you can fo ...see more

I use gunny bags or cloth bags whenever I purchase items from.the market. I.make it a point to have a bag in my vehicle for ready use. This can reduce a vast plastic usage ....
#earthday2019 #earthday #oneshoetrust #zerowaste #saynotoplastic #plasticpollution #nonapkins #mothersanddaughters #menstrualcup #greenyourperiod #moms4motherearth

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