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A look back at my learnings in; 2K19

It's perfectly okay to be happy for no reason.

It's okay to cry sometimes to vent out your emotions.

It's okay to not to be so 'perfect' according to others expectations. ...see more

Happy New year 🎉🎈🎉🎈

My learning from 2019

Anything, if costs you...

Your health and peace of mind...

Believe me, It's too expensive...

Start putting yourself first..

Your health and happiness;

matters ...see more

Happy new year Smita :)

When I look back at 2k19

I would like to remember this year for a remarkable growth in me as a person and in my career as well.

I am a better version of myself now.

Life knocked me down several times but everyt ...see more

That is true, with every passing year, we realized something new about ourseleves :)

Top 5 things I would look for when shopping for my baby-:

Hey new Mommy n Daddy, Going for shopping to get some new clothes for your little munchkin?;

Really, it's a joy to dress up your babies in those beautiful , cute ...see more

They say *It takes a village to raise a child* But unfortunately all I see around me are the people and society just passing judgments and bad remarks on the choices a mother makes for her own child and instead of supporting they always dou ...see more

very very true Smita Don't Judge her She is doing Great , yes she is superb!

सब दिन एक समान नहीं रहते और यही हुआ बेटू थ&#2379 ...see more

हाँ जी, तो सब बढ़िया चल रहा था और तभी मेरी बि ...see more

if husband is supportive then don't think there is post parfum depression

हाँ जी, ससुराल तो मैं पहुँच गई थी अपने बैस&#2381 ...see more

Okay dear..m waiting

हाँ जी सखियों, वादे के मुताबिक आ गई हूँ अप&#2344 ...see more

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