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If I talk about my baby, he is always ready to throw tantrums !

But that doesn't mean the kid is not well behaved or his parents haven't taught him anything, or parents don't buy him anything, it's nothing like that.

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At two, they are beginning to want their opinion known, clearly.The "right way" depends on the child.Some children are very open to suggestion.They may have been just trying for your time and attention.Others, well, are beginning that long ...see more

So cute baby . helpful Post


I am a mother of 2 boys, and it rang a very loud bell in my head when I read about the atrocities happening to women around the world. It becomes paramount to teach our boys and girls the value and importance of equa ...see more

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Kids at a young age are like

Wow i like this, this is mine

Wow i saw it, this is mine

Wow i touched it, this is mine

Wow i want it, so its mine.

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Hello mommies

My son is two years old , he is too much stubborn . He has habit of thraw anything to anywhere. What to do for his misbehaving habits ?

Adamancy, Tantrums , kids cry their lungs out if they are not given what they want. We all as parents make n number of efforts to make both ends meet to fulfill their needs, but they are cranky about their wants. People say it's exposure to the vast environment and opportunities, the peer pressure, the want in kids to prove they are better in status than the other. Yes, I'm sorry to say this, there is one more reason to it, PARENTS.
I have seen a few parents saying my son or daughter is like his/her father or he or she is like her/his mother, they eventually make attempts to get what they want. Is this something to be taken pride of. I would just say NO. A BIG NO. The problem is here where parents don't say no to their kids. Let them hear no right from their childhood.
When they are making tantrums
*Ignore, they may cry louder. But eventually will settle down. Being a mother i know we feel desperate and pathetic to see our kids suffer but let me tell you ,you are doing it for their good and a bright future.
*You can explain the consequences of why it is not your child's cup of tea. Relax, don't loose your patience you may have to repeat it a lot of times .
*Be consistent, make the No sound like No everytime, let the people around the house be informed they must also deny and not add fuel

This drama and tantrums shown by every single baby to her mom...,,when she have zillion of works to be done😄😄😄😄😄

Agree or not???

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Struggling with the temper tantrums of your child. Every parent’s story right? Read on to know What Not To Do to Handle Temper Tantrums

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