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Apple Khichdi
Ingredients :
1. Rice – 100gms (washed and soaked)
2. Moong dal – 30 gms (washed and soaked)
3. Apple – 1 (pureed)
Preparation :
1. Pressure cook the soaked rice and dal for 15 minutes
2. Make the ...see more

Ragi and Peach puree
1. Ragi powder - 2 tsp
2. Water - 1/2 cup
3. Peach (adoo) - 1/2 stewed and mashed
Preparation :
1. Mix ragi powder in water and cook the mixture over medium flame
2 Stir until the ragi is well- ...see more

Rice soup
1. Rice - 1/4 cup
2. Water -1/2 cup
3. Turmeric (haldi) - 1/4 tsp (optional)
4. Breastmilk/formula Milk/Water - As required
Preparation :
1. Pressure cook rice in water until it is soft.
2. Get a soup-li ...see more

Lentils with pumpkin purée
1. Red lentils (masoor dal) - 25g
2. Pumpkin (kaddu) -100g peeled and diced
3. Water - As required
Preparation :
1.Boil the lentils in water until soft and steam the pumpkin till soft ...see more

Bt my in-laws are saying pumpkin creates gas in babies

Banana Porridge
1. Oats (jaaee) - 2 tbsps
2. Banana (kela) purée to taste
3. Breastmilk/formula Milk/Water - As required
Preparation :
1. On a medium flame place the oats and milk in a pan, cook for about 2-3 ...see more

Apple and Carrot Soup
Ingredients :
1. small apple - 1 (peeled and chopped)
2. small carrot - 1 (peeled and chopped
3. water - 3 cups
Preparation :
1. In a pressure cooker put water and the chopped ingredients.
2. Cook until 2- ...see more

#weaning #quickbreakfast #month11 onwards This is one of our fav go to recipes! Egg banana pancake! Literally a 5 minute job. Works well when we are unwell tired travelling or on a lazy day. Works as a great breakfast option and ev ...see more

Never heard of this and it's absolutely cool. For a minute I thought its a toast, I will try this tomorrow itself and let you know.

10 Best Introductory Homemade Healthy Foods For Six Months Babies
Being a new mother, one of the most exciting things to literally enjoy (apart from a whole night’s sleep) is introducing solids. But all the while, I am sure your brain ...see more

very helpful post..
nicely written with much details..thanks for sharing with us..

#bbcreatorsclub #bbcreatorsmom #weaning #snqcksforbabies #ediblesforinfants #6monthold #babynutrition #month6 and onwards
An apple 🍎a day keeps the doctor away!
Indeed its a magical fruit for following reasons:
1. Apple eate ...see more

Weaning begins from the moment supplementary food is started and continues till the child is taken off the breast feed completely. There is an increase in activities of enzymes at the time of weaning.
The ideal time to start introducing sem ...see more

Cow milk is not recommended till 1 year, babies can't digest milk protein. And breastfeeding should not be reduced at all till year as it is the main source of nutrition till 1 year.

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