Most first-time moms I encounter have one thing in common: they have fears about childbirth. Of course, it's normal to fear the unknown. You may have experienced the same kinds of feelings the first time you rode a bike, drove a car, went off to college, tried a new food, started a new job, or swam in the pool. Because of the way it's portrayed and positioned in our culture and the media, however, childbirth is often enshrouded in mystery, danger, fear, and even helplessness. Women in Movies are portrayed angry and screaming in a hospital bed, or mortified in a grocery store when they are caught standing in a puddle after their water has broken. Both of these scenarios are a possibility, sure, but they do not depict the general norm or tell the whole story of childbirth, nor do they help instill confidence during what is often a vulnerable time for women.

So if you are a first, second, third (or more) time mom and have fears about your upcoming birth, I have good news: Fit for Birth Lamaze Childbirth Class will help you deal with your fears! Notice I said "deal with" and not erase your fears. Sometimes, it's not possible to completely get rid of a fear, and that's OK. Fear is one of the ways in which your body helps protect you. But a fear that is too big and overwhelming can work against you. With help from a childbirth class, you will be able to recognize your fears and develop strategies to help you cope and find appropriate support.

Which fears can you expect to learn about in a Fit for Birth Lamaze Childbirth Series -
Here's my top 10 list, in no particular order:

1. How will I deal with the pain?

2. What if I lose control or say something embarassing?

3. Will my doctor follow my birth plan?

4. What if my labor stalls?

5. I'm terrified of having a cesarean.

6. Will I really poop when I give birth?

7. I don't think my partner will be able to support me the way I need.

8. I'm afraid something bad will happen to me or my baby.

9. Will I make it to the hospital in time?

10. I do NOT want an episiotomy!

What fears would you add to this list? What was something that happened during your birth you wish you would have known more about? In several upcoming posts, we will take each one of these fears (and any more added to the comments) and dive deeper to dispel the myths, reveal the truth, and provide you with tips to cope and find the best support. Check back to follow our series on fear in labor and birth!

STARTING TOMORROW , we will talk about one fear mentioned above each day! Come back to know more!

Dr. Riddhi Kataria
Physiotherapist & Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
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rani mishra

i have 3 month baby sometimes he cry suddenly n see any object continuesly n don't want to sleep or feed...if any gas problem how can i cure?




Kumar Pankaj





Anil Lepcha

Hello mam here is Anil Lepcha father of 2 months &  13 days baby boy(DOB:- 12/05/2017). I want to ask you about my baby's vaccine. Where he got following after his birth:-             
        1.  On 17/05/2017 :-
a)  OPV O ,
b)  BCG  &
c)  Hep-B 1    (Bevac Hepatitis B vaccine (rDNA)I. P.
     (All at nursing home time of delivery).          2.  On 28/06/2017:-
a)  Panta 1st,    (Govt.)
b)  FIPV 1st &   (Govt.)
c)  OPV 1st.      (Govt.) On 1/07/2017:-
a)  Rotavirus vaccine (live Attenuated, oral) IP {Rota rix}  &
b)   Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate vaccine(Adsorbed) Ph.Eur.,13 - valent {Prevent 13}
(Above 2 given at Private Paediatrician)             3. On 26/07/2017:-
    [ What are dues from Government???? ]
On 1/08/2017:-
Dues @ private paediatrician are:-
        a)  Rotavirus 2
        b)  PCV 2 My questions are:-
1. Was i am going in a right direction?
2. What are dues on 26/07/2017 from government side?
3. Was i am skipping any other vaccine at this movement?
Hoping here for your positive response.
Thank you,
Anil Lepcha
Father of baby boy.