EQUAL PARENTING yes its all about equal Parenting these days... Our ancestors never believed in this and this is the way we are being raised with too...but breaking the stereotypes now the 21st century is all about equal Parenting ever since the couple expect a baby... this is how they make the announcement "WE ARE PREGNANT"
On this father's day baby chakra has taken the initiative and given all the mommies the chance to share there equal Parenting story so here is mine.
The day we (me and Viren) came to know we are pregnant we distributed our household chores keeping my and baby's health in mind. So washing clothes was Viren's duty and cooking food was mine (except aata kneeding), folding of clothes, dusting, bedsheet change everything we use to do together and for rest of the chores like dish washing and cleaning of house we had a maid.
Everything was going well but unfortunately one day due to some exersion and extra work my placenta moved and moving of placenta is not a good sign.. I was about to enter my third trimester and from that day doctor advised me strict bed rest.. I was allowed to move out of my bed only to pee and to take shower that to be under someone's supervision. My mum came to stay with us to take care of me.. She use to cook food for us and all other household chores were taken care by Viren along with his job. He is being my support system always and never complained or gave me that tired look.
And now when Vardaan (our baby) is born so again the household chores and Vardaan's responsibility is distributed no matter my husband does a job and I am a home maker. We both feed Vardaan however I have to teach Viren how to, but yes he learned it passionately, Monday to Friday Vardaan's bathing session is my responsibility and on weekends its Viren's, washing of heavy clothes are viren's duty and washing light clothes are mine, cooking food is mine and Viren take care of vardaan during that time and get personal time too to bond with hum (I have never tried cooking or doing anything taking vardaan in one hand and doing work from another hand) but whenever I don't feel like cooking he takes over the kitchen and cooks either parantha or pasta... Oh yes how can I forget my bed milk and his bed tea was, is and will always be given by Viren only...sorry I dont feel like waking up before him... Taking out Vardaan to park is Viren's responsibility because that time I call it as "me time" which is also important and he understands that too that I need some relaxation too.... Changing of nappy or clothes if vardaan pee's in his pants was never a question that who will change..because that can be done by any of us, putting Vardaan to bed and make him sleep was exclusively my responsibility when he use to breastfeed but now when he is weaned its Vardaan's choice that to whom he wants to hug and sleep with, we both give each other time for salon session, gym, talking on phone separately if important. On top of everything we decided that we will not always indulge with vardaan in every activity he does because that can make him dependent on us to play or do anything... So now he quietly plays with his toys, household things like water bottles, kitchen utensils, chargers etc and that time is our time.

Husband and wife are called as better half and my husband is my best half I cannot imagine my life without him. He is today's generation man. We both believe in a generation without gender biased that household chores are not only women duty but man's responsibility too... Pink are not only for girls but for boys too... Now when women are earning money being a helping hand to his husband why can't man can do some household chores to make her woman a bit relaxed.
We believe In equal Parenting and that's what we are going to teach Vardaan too. #equalparents #fathersday #babychakradad











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