Every Parent should definitely teach these 12 things to their child:
There are some things which every parent should teach to their child, whether he is a son or she is a daughter. In today's smart world, boys and girls are equal, so learning should also be equal. These may not be the basic things but i am sure, it will help the child to become a good human being. And, your child become everyone's favourite. However, the kids are the one who get the parents most embarrassed but our duty is to teach them. I always wish this for my daughter that she must be a good human being with her good heart. She must be favourite for her good habits and behaviour not for good marks in her academic exams.
There are 12 points below i want to share with the parents:
1 Hygiene Oriented
My dear child, hygienic simply means, to keep clean urself and your surroundings.   

  2 Religious
I am not asking you to become superstitious, just pray God for ur and ur loved one's well being and Thank you God for everything you have. And, ofcourse, to believe and participate in family Rituals.

3 Learn to say Thank you
If someone helps you, or do a favour to you... never ever forget it. And regard him/her with warm Thank you or keep urself always ready for them to help. Dont think twice to stand by those, who were with you in ur bads.

4 Learn to say Sorry
If you have commit any mistake, whether it is small mistake or big, do not hesitate to say sorry. 

5 Table Manners
These are basic things, don't leave food in ur plate. Don't leave the table, when u r done but others are still eating. if u r in need to get up, excuse and leave.

6 Bathroom Manners
Keep the bathroom accessories like soap etc back at their place and wipe the floor before leaving. Its simple, if you are getting the neat and clean bathroom, leave the Same way for others.

7 Cooking
This is the essential part for everyone. The one should know to cook that much, if in any case, they are alone, they should not starve. Atleast, they could manage themselves.

8 Self Defense
Little hard but very necessary part in today's scenario, especially for girls. They should be trained for their self defence. Parents can not be with them all the time. Its really in need very badly.

9 Maintain Self Respect
Some people, confuse EGO with Self Respect. Self Respect is just to go with ur rules and principals and mainly with ur heart. Do what ur heart says. Don't care for "Log kya Kahenge"(What will people say).

10 Disciplined Routine
Plan your day. Life will be in always discipline. 

11 Responsibility is Priority
If someone give you any kind of responsibility, treat it on your priority. If in any case, you won't be able to do, Say NO, that time only, explaining reason and ofcourse with the apology. 

12 Helpful
My dear child, always ready to help others. It will not unshape you but bring a smile on others face. And u will feel good in heart.

We, the parents always wish for our child to shine like a star, praised by our relatives and friends. So, May be above points helpful.

Dear Parents, please share ur opinions. :)











@6372cc0c573f5c0015bc3fd6 so true and well said. These are universally applicable and timeless. Thanks for sharing. 🤓